Adelaide Storage Solutions


Total Care Movers provides total storage solutions for your needs. Whether you are moving, downsizing or going for a long trip, we have the best storage solution for you. For more than 10 years, we have been helping and providing Aussies secure, efficient and affordable storage solutions.  Relocation is a major upheaval. It is a lot of work, stressful and can be overwhelming. We can help you ease the hassle of moving with our easy and affordable storage solutions. Our storage services can help you save as much as 50% compared to the costs of self-storage! Whether you just need a space for your sofa for a few weeks, enough room for your entire belongings for a couple of years while you travel or need help with the packing and transporting of your items to store, we have it. 


The TCM Storage Solution 

Total Care Movers made storage seamless and painless. Transporting household items is no joke. Packing, organising and carrying heavy and bulky items is hard work and can even be harmful if you’re not up to it. With us, you only need to give us a call and we’ll do all the hard and boring work. We understand that you have a million things to do in your list, thus, we offer all-in-one services to simplify things for you.


Here’s how we made moving and storage easier; 


  • We pick up your stuff. This is less headache for you. No need to worry about how you will bring your stuff to us, we will pick it up for you, from anywhere. We have a team of professional removalist who will be happy to do the job. 
  • We can help you pack. Packing for storage is a must to ensure the safety and protection of your valuables. We can send you a team of skilled and experienced packers to help with the organise and pack the items for storage. 
  • We secure your valuables. We put a high value to the things you put in our care. That is why we take care of everything you entrusted to us. Our secure storage facility is fortified with surround barbed wires and 24/7 CCTV.  
  • We redeliver. You can retrieve some or all stored items as you need them. Need the piano for a week? No worry, we will bring to you or to anywhere you choose the items or a specific item in storage.  


Our Storage Facility 

Our storage facility is designed for optimum security, easy storage and removal and cost-efficient solutions. It is secured, guarded and safe. But without the fancy features that hike up the costs. Thus, we are able to provide you with first-rate storage solutions without the expensive tag price. With us, you can save as much as 50% compared to the costs of self-storage! Your valuables will be stored in airtight, moisture-free storage containers. Every container is locked and secured. The storage yard is secured with surround barbed wires, outfitted with 24/7 CCTV cameras and guarded with security personnel.  We are proud of our secured storage facility. You can relax and leave your valuables with us knowing that they are safe, secure and will get back to you in its current condition. 


Our Commitment    

We take to heart the trust you gave us when you entrust to us your treasures. We understand how each item is valuable to you, as the reason why you choose to store instead of discarding it. Thus, we pledge to you its care and security. From the packing, pick up and redelivery of your valuables, we practice utmost care and diligence. Our crew are trained and equipped with the right tools and equipment for efficient and safe packing, removals and storage.  


Short-Term Storage Solutions  

We made short-term storage simple, easy and affordable. No minimum stay, no long-term commitments and you only pay for the space you need! Our short-term storage solutions can save you up to 50% in storage costs. We understand the value of time; thus, we eliminated the unnecessary details of storage. We will pick up and pack the items for you and redeliver them to anywhere you choose. Save yourself the time and effort of driving around, lugging heavy items and missing out the more important things in life. Simply give us a call and tell us what you need.  


Long-Term Storage Solutions  

Our long-term storage solutions are secure, efficient and made more affordable. The long-term commitment enables us to streamline operating costs, which we pass down to you in the form of lower storage fees! And that without sacrificing the security and safety of your items. Our team of expert removalists can also help you pack for long-term storage, pick up and redeliver your valuables. No need to hire delivery vans, engage helpers, buy boxes and spend days packing. We do it all for you!