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Piano and Large FurnitureRemovalist

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Piano Removalist Adelaide

Do you have large furniture pieces like king-sized bedframes, standalone cabinets, or a grand piano? No problem, we have the lift, a capable team, and other equipment for easy removal. We also have a clean and modern fleet that can accommodate and transport large furniture. Pianos are especially delicate and heavy and would require the most experienced removalists, special equipment and a crew of strong men to safely move it.

Things to do Before Moving Large and Heavy Furniture

Protect furniture and appliances.
Bubble wraps, boxes, blankets and plastic wraps can protect your possessions from dents, scratches and water splashes.
Pianos can be insured.
Securing an insurance before the move can help alleviate repair costs of damages incurred during the move.
Take measurements.
Measure the furniture, piano or appliances to move. Then measure doors and hallways. Some items might be too big to pass through doors, hallways and staircases. In cases where it will be impossible to move an item through, consider dismantling or other using other entrances, like the windows.
Decide where the item will be placed.
Your goal is to minimise moving as much as possible. Plan out the layout of your new home. Put markers where the bed, the sofa or the piano should be placed.
Engage an able removalist team.
Find movers with the appropriate equipment to lift and move heavy objects, large transport vans and cargoes to accommodate the items and has the expertise to move large, heavy and delicate items safely and efficiently.

Reasons why you should Hire Piano Movers

Pianos are expensive, you must protect it as much as you can. Your baby grand could possibly be the most expensive item in your home. Sometimes, like the case of inheritance pianos, they are irreplaceable. Moving, when not properly done damage your piano beyond repair. Do not risk losing a very valuable item to scrimping. 

Pianos are heavy. Not everyone is into heavy lifting. One can easily hurt their back and suffer injuries from lifting heavy objects. Avoid expensive doctors’ fees and other medical expenses by simply hiring a piano removalist team. Aside from the men, moving a piano from one house to another will also require a special lifting equipment. 

Pianos are fragile, it should be handled with care. The piano is made up of keys, strings, pedals and other sensitive components that can easily disintegrate in the move. Piano repairs are expensive if you’re lucky to repair it. Proper care, appropriate equipment and enough brawn are required to successfully move it from one house to another. 

Pianos are large. The smallest upright piano is still over a metre long, in height and over 200 kilograms in weight. Its bulk will require special equipment to move and transport it to your new home. Regular cars and vans will not be able to accommodate its size and weight. 

Do not risk denting, scratches, and damages to your expensive and delicate piano and irreplaceable furniture. Do not trust your piano to an inexperienced bunch of random brawny men. We are professionals, trained and experienced to provide you with a stress-free, easy, and safe removals. 
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