Furniture Removalist Adelaide


You can be moving a few blocks away or across town, single with few possessions or a family of five who likes to collect things, you will need the right removal service to help make your move as stress-free and smooth as possible. You also need to thoroughly prepare for the move.

Here are some tips to help you plan, pack and prepare for the exciting day of moving to your new home; 

  • Start by decluttering. You will want to pare down your belongings before the move. Decluttering will make packing and organising easier, will cost less to move and could potentially earn you some money too. Don’t bring unwanted items into your new home. Put up a garage sale, donate or discard.


  • Start packing early. Make packing more manageable by starting early. Start with the non-essentials like off-season clothes, home décor, collections and other personal effects. Rarely-used items like hobby paraphernalia, books, tableware and extra cookware can also be packed in advance. Here is a checklist to help you organise packing.


  • Room by room packing. This packing trick reduces lifting and will also make unpacking a breeze. Properly mark boxes of its content and to which room they belong, make matching markings in your new home and the movers will gladly deposit the boxes to its matching rooms.


  • Plan for kids’ and pets’ care. Kids and pets can be on the way of your packing and moving. Arrange for your kids to be away with family, friends or sitters during the busy days. You can drop off pets in kennels or catteries.


  • Consider storage. Packing and storing non-essentials would reduce your volume and keep important and fragile items safe. This is also a great option if your new home still needs some work to be done.


  • Don’t forget utilities. Inform all service providers of your impending move. Schedule the disconnection on the day of your move. Make sure that all utilities in your new home are hooked up and running a few days before your move.


  • Notify everyone. Inform everyone about your move. Change your address and/or provide your forwarding address to your banks, doctors, schools, subscriptions, utility companies, family and friends.


  • Secure important records and documents. Get medical, school and other records and certificates necessary to your change of address. Request for the documents as early as three months before your moving date.


  • Hire professional removalists. Get as much help as you can. Hiring professional movers will streamline the process. They will take care of all the moving aspects, from securing packing supplies, providing the necessary equipment for moving large items to the transporting of your belongings. A complete relocation service – from packing to unpacking will significantly cut down your packing and organising time. 


No house moving needs are the same. That is why we offer a flexible local moving service to be designed according to your needs. Our team of local removalists is trained to accommodate family moving needs. They are specifically sensitive to working with women and children. Best of all, they are all local men who knew the area well.