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From Adelaide to Canberra

Moving to Canberra? How exciting! Canberra's becoming popular with young families and professionals looking for affordable city living options. Total Care Movers are committed to making the move from Adelaide to Canberra as stress-free and seamless as possible! Our removalists have years of experience in moving homes & families to and from Canberra.
We have been trusted Local Removalists in Adelaide for over 10 years. We'll move you with Total Care.
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Interstate Removalists

Moving from Adelaide to Canberra?
It's important to go with the best removal company in Adelaide.
We're South Australia's trusted state to state movers, committed to providing the best service.

Why Choose Total Care Movers
For All Your Interstate Trips

Total Care Movers is trusted across Adelaide for providing a stress-free interstate removalist service. Whether you need to move to New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria, we’ve got you covered. We can help you get your packing needs together including extra padding, and other packaging materials to keep your valuables safe in transit. Our team work hard to ensure that your valuables arrive at your new home safe and sound.
Our removalists have years of experience helping Australian families move across country to and from Adelaide. We have become a family favourite amongst Adelaide based removalists for our friendly customer service and outstanding reputation.
Over the years, we have obtained extensive knowledge of how to relocate customers into new local and metro cities throughout Australia. We are able to meet you needs by offering weekly scheduled services. Experience the Total Care Movers difference by calling or booking online today!

Set the date

Interstate movers might require several weeks of pre-scheduling for them to put together the crew for the move. Avoid public holidays and other days when you expect highways and streets to be heavy with traffic. Especially avoid Christmas time and other major holiday seasons. You might also need to plan for kids’ and pets’ care during the move.

Start Packing Early

Take an inventory of your belongings and start organising. If you have items to store, pack and send them off to storage as soon as possible. Start packing items that won’t be needed until after you’ve moved – off-season clothes, personal collections and home décor. All items should be packed and organised a few days before the move, just leave out daily essentials you can pack in your overnight bag.

Prepare your new Home

Your new home should be ready at least a week before you’re scheduled to move in. Make sure that the paintings are done, the utilities are installed and working, and the paperwork accomplished. Putting markers around the house indicating where you want to put specific furniture will help the movers and facilitate the move.

Door to Door Service

We go beyond simply driving your valuables to your new home. By offering a range of door to door services we can provide you with a total care package, making your move stress-free. With these services we bring together the best of Total Care Movers’ resources and experience. If you want an easy, stress free interstate move with a removalist you can trust then you should contact Total Care Movers today

We do all the heavy lifting

From your old home and into your new home we do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. All too often injuries occur when moving heavy objects, causing extra pressure and stress to the family. Don’t risk damage to your walls or furniture when trying to move large, awkward items through your doorways and upstairs. This is why we are here to help with our experienced team. They will help you move all your valuables from your old home and into your new. No house is too difficult with our experienced team.

We can help you pack

We have a range of packing materials and boxes specifically for interstate travel. Packing can be difficult especially when it comes to interstate moving. You want to be sure that your belongings remain safe and arrive in one piece at your new home. It can be difficult knowing how to pack to keep your valuables safe and Google searches simply result in a lot of misinformation or expensive solutions. Instead, we can pack for you! With our range of packing materials and expertise you will find your valuables are packed and ready to go in no time at all.

We can move large items

Have a grand piano? Or a giant king-sized bed frame? Or perhaps a massive couch? That’s no problem as we are able to move large objects interstate as well. We understand that a big part of moving homes is taking large, difficult to move, items out of your old house and into your new house. As we offer full door to door services, we can move large furniture. Our team are experts at lifting and maneuvering large furniture between homes, plus our fleet of removalist trucks have plenty of space to carry them. If you have large pieces of furniture you can stress a little less knowing that they will be no problem at all.

We can help you move offices

Moving offices interstate? We can help you! Our team offer full package door to door interstate removalist services for those looking to move their offices to or from Adelaide. Moving offices can be a stressful time, every moment your business is not running you are losing money. So, we aim to help get your office furniture to your new office as quickly as possible, so you can worry less. Our fast and efficient service is also secure with our experienced team keeping your valuables safe, keeping them in one piece for your new office.

We provide maximum protection

Our team understands that your possessions are extremely valuable to you. You want them to arrive at your new home in one piece. Traveling interstate adds extra risks, more items could break as they spend more time in the truck. We understand this so we help by providing high quality packing materials to keep your items safe, even fine china. With our purpose built reinforced steel containers, highly trained staff, and 24/7 security, you can trust Total Care Movers to move your valuables safely and securely across the country.

Contact us for a stress-free interstate removalist service

Moving does not have to be stressful. When you have the backing of expert removalists who take safety, security, and customer service seriously you will have a far less stressful time. With Total Care Movers you will have Adelaide’s most trusted interstate removalist by your side helping you move into your new home. All you need to do is contact us!

Inform Everyone

Start your change of address notifications as early as two months before the move. Notify your bank, utility companies, doctors, publication subscriptions and the post office of your move and provide them with your new address. Make sure to inform your employers, family and friends of the move and the scheduled dates.

Secure Overnight Accommodations

Interstate moving is a long and exhausting process. Starting early in the day, driving or flying, and moving your family to another state or city is gruelling. Do not expect to be up for unpacking and cooking dinner by the end of the day. You deserve a break. Book a hotel room in your new city for you and your family, order food delivery and enjoy a restful night.
Moving house is a special time in your life. New home, new address, new life. As much as it is exciting, moving can also be quite stressful. Timing, planning, and preparation are all necessary to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible. You need a removalist team who know Adelaide and care about your removal, and their reputation.
You will also need help. The right kind of help. That's where WE come in! We are Adelaide's Most Trusted Removal Company for a stress free moving day.

One trip is all it takes

Renting out a truck for the move is a risky choice. Underestimating your stuff would require multiple trips, and double your fees. While overestimating your load volume means vacant spaces that will allow boxes to shift, move and fall during the trip causing damage to your stuff. Let our furniture removalist carry this burden on your behalf – we promise to go the extra mile to get your confidence.

Adelaide Movers will provide the moving boxes.

Not all boxes are equal. Your stash of second-hand packing boxes intended for the move might cause more trouble than help. Moving will require sturdy boxes that can withstand weight and travel movements. We will provide you with the boxes.

We’ll take care of all the lifting

Moving requires a lot of heavy weight lifting; not everyone is trained and able to do so. Those ceramic dishes, your book collection and sofa can weigh a ton! Do not risk injury and breaking the bank with doctor’s fees. Let us do the heavy work, including furniture removals!

With Local Adelaide Removalist, there's no need to disrupt your schedule.

Moving requires a lot of heavy weight lifting; not everyone is trained and able to do so. Those ceramic dishes, your book collection and sofa can weigh a ton! Do not risk injury and breaking the bank with doctor’s fees. Let us do the heavy work, including furniture removals!
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