Interstate Removalists Adelaide


Interstate moving means longer drive, more careful packing and padding, and specialised loading and stowing of cargoes. We highly recommend having your things professionally packed. You will need extra padding, the right packing materials, and strategic loading to ensure safety for the long haul. The roads can be bumpier and driving conditions unpredictable.  

Here are some strategies to make your interstate move easier; 

  • Declutter. Reduce your volume significantly by decluttering. As early as three months before the move, start using up pantry items and minimise shopping. Go through your belongings, segregate items that you no longer need. Sell, donate or discard as you see fit. Packing and organising are a lot easier will be a lot easier after decluttering. 


  • Set the Date. Interstate movers might require several weeks of pre-scheduling for them to put together the crew for the move. Avoid public holidays and other days when you expect highways and streets to be heavy with traffic. Especially avoid Christmas time and other major holiday seasons. You might also need to plan for kids’ and pets’ care during the move. 


  • Prepare your new Home. Your new home should be ready at least a week before you’re scheduled to move in. Make sure that the paintings are done, the utilities are installed and working, and the paperwork accomplished. Putting markers around the house indicating where you want to put specific furniture will help the movers and facilitate the move. 


  • Start Packing Early. Take an inventory of your belongings and start organising. If you have items to store, pack and send them off to storage as soon as possible. Start packing items that won’t be needed until after you’ve moved – off-season clothes, personal collections and home décor. All items should be packed and organised a few days before the move, just leave out daily essentials you can pack in your overnight bag. 
  • Inform Everyone – Start your change of address notifications as early as two months before the move. Notify your bank, utility companies, doctors, publication subscriptions and the post office of your move and provide them with your new address. Make sure to inform your employers, family and friends of the move and the scheduled dates. 
  • Secure Overnight Accommodations – Interstate moving is a long and exhausting process. Starting early in the day, driving or flying, and moving your family to another state or city is gruelling. Do not expect to be up for unpacking and cooking dinner by the end of the day. You deserve a break. Book a hotel room in your new city for you and your family, order food delivery and enjoy a restful night. 


  • Find the right Movers. Find the mover that will accommodate all your interstate moving needs. Some movers might have the right equipment for heavy and large items, some could offer full package services – from packing to unpacking and then some might not have the fleet to accommodate all your belongings. Reduce moving headache by finding the team that can offer bespoke services to your specific needs.  


Our team of professional removalists are adept at packing, loading, and stowing boxes snugly, thus minimising cargo disturbance and damages. Early planning and bookings are requested as it is harder to allocate men and equipment for interstate moves. You might also need to coordinate with your travel schedule with us.