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Adelaide Office Removalists

Office relocations can be stressful. There is a lot to do; packing, lifting, moving, unpacking and refitting fixtures. All of it must be done after hours or over the weekend, ready for Monday, to minimize the disruption to your business. Time is money after all. Total Care Movers’ mission is to make your office relocations as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We have been trusted Local Removalists in Adelaide for over 10 years. We'll move you with Total Care.
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Adelaide’s Most Trusted Office Removalists

Have a strict deadline to complete the move in? No problem! Have lots of furniture and office equipment you need moved? No problem, we will deliver it quickly and safely to your new office. This is why we are Adelaide’s most trusted office removalists.
Zero Downtime with afterhours Office removalist experts
When it comes to moving offices, we know that the number one concern is down time. The more time spent moving the less time your business can spend working. Long down times will lose you money, adding stress onto an already stressful process. That is why Total Care Movers aims for zero downtime. We work weekends and afterhours to keep your business up and running seamlessly. Moving offices no longer has to be a stressful and costly process with our complete zero downtime services.

Why Choose Total Care Movers
For All Your Interstate Trips

Total Care Movers is trusted across Adelaide for providing a stress-free interstate removalist service. Whether you need to move to New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria, we’ve got you covered. We can help you get your packing needs together including extra padding, and other packaging materials to keep your valuables safe in transit. Our team work hard to ensure that your valuables arrive at your new home safe and sound.
Our removalists have years of experience helping Australian families move across country to and from Adelaide. We have become a family favourite amongst Adelaide based removalists for our friendly customer service and outstanding reputation.
Over the years, we have obtained extensive knowledge of how to relocate customers into new local and metro cities throughout Australia. We are able to meet you needs by offering weekly scheduled services. Experience the Total Care Movers difference by calling or booking online today!

Full suite of door to door office relocation services

Take the stress out of office relocation with Total Care Movers complete door to door services. We aim to make moving offices as easy as possible, with our secure and safe removalists services. Whether you need furniture fixtures removed, furniture or other valuables packed, equipment and furniture moved, temporary storage and much more, we offer the complete package. All services are offered in a timely manner with zero downtime. Check out some of our services below!
Easy Packing and fixtures
Simplify your move, reduce downtime and eliminate stress by letting us deal with packing and your fixtures. Our packing team use high quality packing materials with heavy duty plastic wraps, boxes and more to keep your office furniture and equipment safe. By allowing us to pack and move your furniture and fittings you are freed from this tedious task to focus on other aspects of the move. With our quick, secure, easy packing your furniture will be safe in transit, and arrive to your new office on time and in one piece. You can easily remove any unnecessary stress with our packing service.

Professional service at an affordable price

We provide all of our services at an affordable price so that your business can have an easy, cost effective move. However, unlike other removalist companies, affordable for us does not mean full of compromises. We provide an experienced removalist team to your move. Our removalists are highly trained and work using the most efficient practices. This means that we can offer our range of services, offer a faster service, and still keep all of your valuables safe. Don’t compromise on the quality of your move, increasing headaches come moving day. Instead Total Care Movers offers the complete package, at an affordable price without compromise.
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If you want an affordable removalist that will help your business have zero downtime, then you need Total Care Movers. We provide the total care package for your move, helping you get from your old office into your new office as seamlessly as possible. Take the stress out of moving day by contacting us today!
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