Adelaide Office Removalists


Business relocations are tighter than ordinary house moving. There is a sense of urgency and need to keep business disruptions as minimal as possible. The things to move include expensive and fragile office equipment, important files and office furniture. Proper planning and preparations are crucial to ensure the safety of your office valuables and minimise business disruptions. 

Tips to a Seamless Office Relocation 

  • Establish the relocation dateline. Set the dates of your move. For smaller offices, you should start preparing three months prior to the actual move. Larger offices would need as much as six months of preparation. In your timeline, add tasks that need to be accomplished and when they should be done. You should have scheduled for a mover’s consultation two months before the move, applied for utilities in your new office at least a month prior and the office painted a week before your move. 


  • Keep your team informed. The office relocation will impact your employees’ daily life in a big way. It could jeopardise their usual daily commute to work, the new office might be too far or too inaccessible for them or the environment of the new office not to their liking. To minimise tension and confusion, you must inform your team about the move, as soon as possible. You will also need their help in the preparations to relocate.  


  • Prepare your new office. Preparing your new office might take some time, depending on the type and amount of work needed. Office mapping, consultations with the interior designer and engineers should be done a couple of months before the move. Your new office must be ready at least three days prior to the move. The walls painted, the utilities hooked up and working and the new carpet laid out a week before the move. 


  • Assign tasks and responsibilities. Get everyone in your office involved with the move. This will divide the tasks and responsibilities and at the same time bring excitement to the upheaval. Make everyone responsible for the safekeeping or their own work files. And then divide and assign tasks. Assign a person to work with the movers, one person in the new office preparation and another one to secure and backup all office files.  


  • Secure your files and sensitive data. Securing your office and business files is a vital step in safekeeping sensitive and irreplaceable data. Backup your digital files and upload to cloud storage. Remove and secure original hard copies like certificates, titles and contracts in an out-of-the-office safe. Create digital copies and photocopies. 


  • Work with a professional relocation team. A professional relocation team can help a lot in the organising, packing and unpacking of your office stuff. Work with experienced office movers who are trained for this specialised service. They can help you save time in the packing, carry heavy items, carefully pack fragile items and transport them safely. 


Our business or office relocation service includes an option for weekends or after-hours removal. This will help you minimise downtime and affected office hours. We are also aware of the sensitive office equipment, machines, and files. Our office removalists are all trained for this specialised service.