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Why should I use Adelaide removalists for my interstate moving?

March 23, 2022

Moving interstate may involve quite a lot of decision making and planning. This is considering each state and territory in Australia differs slightly regarding laws and regulations, licenses, employment etc. Furthermore, education, restricted items and living expenses such as food, housing, electricity etc. Although Adelaide removalists such as Total Care Movers can still operate and transport both locally and interstate, given the rapidly changing environment surrounding the current pandemic, there may be varying restrictions, quarantine, and requirements in place. You can follow up the latest official news and updates regarding COVID-19 on the Australian Government website. Despite the current pandemic, results from The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that interstate migration is consistent and overall similar with results from 10 years ago.

Why should you use removalists such as Total Care Movers for your next interstate moving?

TCM is the leading and most trusted removalist branch in South Australia, moving Adelaide families since 2006, giving numerous explanations to use us for your interstate moving. We offer affordable prices and full insurance measures to cater for both local and interstate relocations for home and office. This includes Government and Defence Force contracts. Additionally, we are members of the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA), an official body that assists in the regulation surrounding the removals industry. AFRA accredits ‘only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and the staff training needed to complete a professional move’. Keep in mind that removalists that are searched on all platforms such as gumtree and google, may not be accreditable. Be sure to do research beforehand to ensure you appoint a professional and trusted removalist. There is no need to be paying more than needed or risk damage to cherished belongings. Furthermore, TCM are team partners of Netball SA and proud supporters of the Adelaide Thunderbirds. Our positive reputation across the entire country over the past 16 years is shown through several reviews. Additionally our recommendations can be found on Google and on our website.

Transportation of your item’s interstate using removalists

For interstate moves, TCM prefers to transport your items from Adelaide by train, rather than road via a truck. We believe this is the safest form of transport to protect your items for such long periods. This is whilst travelling interstate from potential damage, either from the road surfaces, or a collision. It also a cheaper and more efficient way of transport. Our removalists will pickup your items straight into a shipping container. This is where the items will remain until your delivery destination. This means that multi handling of your items through transhipping is generally not required. We use government approved agents throughout all states and territories in Australia for interstate relocations.

Protection of your items

Our highly trained removalists are experts in heavy lifting with total care. You have the option to pack your items yourself. However, our team will go to all efforts to make certain that your belongings will be packed and delivered correctly. If you do decide to pack your own items, we can provide tips and ensure all your questions are answered. The use of heavy-duty blankets to wrap your cherished belongings, protects and prevents scratches, scuffs and dirt. They are perfect for bulky items and any belongings that that are not being placed into cartons. These are used for all our moves. This means that even our local relocations are packed and loaded securely as if they are travelling interstate. Additionally, we use other essential equipment and tools that help protect your items. This involves heavy duty plastic covers and the appropriate use of cartons.

Secure storage available

TCM offers both short- and long-term storage options with 24/7 security monitoring for peace of mind. You may not have a home ready when travelling interstate. You may want to move first then decide where your delivery location will be at a later date. Whatever your case may be, we can guarantee that we are able to safely hold these items on-premises. Once again, your items will remain in the same shipping container that was picked up for the entire period of storage, with locks.

Contact us now and get in touch with our sales team regarding a free no obligation and cost-effective quote with Australia wide availability. Our approach will ensure your relocation is stress free and satisfaction guaranteed. You can trust that your items will be moved professionally in a timely manner when you book any move through Total Care Movers for your next interstate move