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Transporting large items with interstate removalists

March 2, 2021

Moving interstate is a huge task and needs to be very well thought out and planned, as you can’t just turn around and go back like you could if you were moving two blocks away. It is a long trip and forgetting anything is a big problem. You want to make sure you are fully prepared, you have a list of everything the removalist truck is transporting and a list of every thing that you personally are transporting. Do not rush moving, start packing early, months early, sell belongings that you do not need anymore, donate anything you can. Doing this makes it much easier when travelling hundreds of kilometres. Total care mover, Adelaide removalists, do know how to move it!

Now you might be thinking sure, I did all that but I still have a fridge, freezer, washing machine, beds and couches among other large items. This is where you need interstate movers. Interstate removalists Adelaide can help you move anything you need from your current home to your new home stress free. Here are some tips on specific items for interstate removal.

Furniture is one of the biggest and bulkiest items to transport when moving interstate. Best thing you can do is unscrew your desks and put all screws and pieces into a bag or container labelled desk. It might also be a good idea to take note of how something comes apart and gets put back together, otherwise you might end up with a flat pack and no instructions.

The same theory applies for any other large tables or wooden furniture. Interstate removalists are very happy to pack the truck themselves, by taking apart these larger items it allows for them to really pack in your furniture without having it move around while driving and also saves space for other items making the most of the truck’s space.

When you are moving interstate, interstate removalists highly recommend that you read your washing machine and dryers instructions in preparation of moving. You will need to chock your washing machine barrel so it doesn’t end up getting damaged or unbalanced during the move. Same goes for your dryer, ensure that the barrel is secured properly and all water is drained out of both machines.

Fridges and freezers are one of the most delicate items to be moving. You need to be aware of all of your food items in the fridge, throw out whatever is out of date or what won’t keep well in an eski or refrigerated bag. When moving your fridge think about a week in a half advance to restrict the amount of groceries you buy. The more you buy the more you have to move. Plan your meals and treat yourself to take away for the last few nights, you have earned it right? It is best to have your fridge empty, completely clean and turned off to allow any germs to die and gas to settle.

Freezers are a little more tricky, if you have a large freezer that is full and has lots of ice build up you can get away with not having to empty it and clean it. Some trucks and utes will have adapters to keep your freezer plugged in while you transport it. Otherwise if you have a small freezer the chance of everything staying frozen and under safe food regulations is slim.  It might be best to use up what you can before moving interstate, or putting the contents into a larger freezer if you have one. Once your small freezer is empty you can clean it thoroughly and turn it off in preparation for your interstate removalists to pack it away in the moving truck.

Here at Total Care Movers, we are your one stop for interstate removalists Adelaide. We believe that we have extensive knowledge to provide our customers with the best service and highest quality standards when handling all of your belongings.