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Thinking Of Moving House? What You Need To Know ?

December 11, 2021

If you have moved house before, you would know that moving house is not easy. Between managing your house arrangements, your family, and organising and packing up all your things, it can easily overwhelm even an experienced mover. Here at Total Care Movers & Storage, we have carefully chosen our expert team who are very familiar with the moving process, having moved hundreds of South Australian and Aussie families alike since 2006.

For your next move, you may be considering hiring a professional removalist to help you along the way. At Total Care Movers & Storage, we are happy to help you with every step of the moving house process. In case you were wondering what the benefits of moving with a professional removalist are, here is a quick run-down of what to expect when you book a removal with Total Care Movers & Storage.

Before the moving house– Preparation Time

In order to take the stress out of your hands, at Total Care Movers & Storage we have carefully selected the best sales team, who are happy to help you with the pre-removal process. Once you have contacted one of our friendly sales staff and given the details of your move, we need to know exactly what your personal needs are for moving. This includes an inventory of your goods, including how many packed boxes you will have, and an access check of your current home as well as your new home. We will also need to know your preferred moving dates, in order to attempt to secure your booking on a day best suited for your needs.

At Total Care Movers, we prefer to complete an in-house survey, with the customer, to gather an inventory of your household goods. If a professional packing service is also something you are interested in for your house move, our sales staff will use this time to estimate your packing needs as they survey your home and check access for our removal team.

If you would like to further your peace of mind, you may want to invest in an insurance package. During the survey, you can let the sales staff member know what level of cover you would like, and they can include this in your quotation. If you would like to know a bit more about insurance at Total Care Movers & Storage, contact one of our team, or refer to our blogs about insurance.

Get A Quote and Choose What Is Best For Your Needs

Once a member of the sales team have completed an in-house survey and had a chat with you about your move requirements, they will have all the information needed to provide you with a free quote for your removal. This will include the most suitable dates, with your preferences in mind. Quotations provided by Total Care Movers & Storage are valid for 30 days, allowing you plenty of time to make a final decision.


If you have decided not to purchase the professional packing service, you will need to have the packing into boxes completed before the removal team arrive on move day. If you do decide to go ahead with a packing service, a team will need to come and pack your home a day or two before the move, depending on your needs. The team will arrive with all the materials needed to pack your entire home, taking the stress from your hands.

Moving House Day

At Total Care Movers & Storage, we appreciate that your home and furniture are very important, therefore precautions are made to protect them. Included in your removal booking is the use of any supplies necessary such as tape, bubble wrap, rope ties and padded blankets, used to line your flooring and to wrap your furniture. Once your goods are secured in the truck, they will be taken to your new address. If you have accepted a full professional packing service, our team will help you unpack your boxes and pack everything away again.

There you have it, a quick glimpse into what to expect when moving with Total Care Movers & Storage. Our team have over 15 years of removal experience, meaning you can move with us with peace of mind. If you would like to know more about the removal process, leave an enquiry on our website and a member of our team will contact you, or contact us on 0439 040 014 or 8262 4232.