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The Best Strategies when Packing for a Move - Tips from Removalists Adelaide

July 11, 2022

Packing can be a stressful and a chaotic time for anyone. You've already got so much on your mind that you don’t really think about a packing system that will be the best strategy to use when you are moving all your valuables. Our team of removalists Adelaide, have come up with the best strategies to keep in mind when packing for a big move for you to keep in mind during this time! These tips will make your life easier when it comes to moving day and make your big move more time-efficient and run smoothly. 


Lift Smart, Know your Limits from removalists Adelaide

Before even starting your move, it's important to know your limits when lifting and knowing how much is too much. Do not try to lift too much and end up injuring yourself because that will make the moving process worse for you. Lift with your knees and not your back, to ensure you're not straining any muscles or causing any problems by incorrectly lifting. By using the correct technique and lifting safely, you will be able to do a more efficient job without injuring yourself in the process. 


Russian Doll Technique 

Moving boxes and storage are reduced with the Russian Doll technique. You will begin by packing your stuff in smaller boxes. These can consist of a variety of items such as shelf decor, small accessories, utensils, and gadgets. It will then be possible for all these separate boxes to be consolidated into one big box. In this way, you will not have to use as much padding and cushioning to protect them. This large box will keep the boxes in place. In addition to adding stability and firmness to the larger container, it will also give it more strength. However, if there are still a few spaces left, stuff them up with a bit of bubble wrap, clothing or cushions and you are good to go.


Label and Seperate

This might seem self-explanatory, but many people forget to put clear labels on their boxes, which makes the move that much more difficult. This is especially true if fragile stickers are not attached to the boxes correctly! It is easy to find what you need if you label each box to make it easier to know what's in which one. When packing for the big move, remember to label the boxes.


Use Soft Material to Pack

By using your towels, clothings and pillows to support your valuables and fragile items that you are already planning to pack anyway, you'll save money on packing materials such as peanuts or foam and be able to protect your furniture and belongings. This is also more environmentally friendly! A big win, win!


Room Code

Make sure to label all your boxes with a room code before closing them up! This will be super beneficial for those involved with the unpacking process to know exactly what boxes go where! This makes for a more time-efficient unpacking approach. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.


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