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Ten reasons to book removalists

August 7, 2020


Whether you need to move next door or across the city, Total Care movers can help make your move easy. Even if you need help packing, have heavy objects, or a lot of valuables, our team can get your treasures to your new home safely and securely with our affordable services. That is why we are Adelaide’s most trusted removalists service.



Keep your relationships and your relatives intact. Calling in favours from friends and relatives might be ok in your formative years but as you get older you accumulate more household items and helping out for a morning can turn into a weekend and stretch any friendship.

Removalists Insurance

The most important reason for using a removalist is personal insurance. By engaging a professional removalist you are covered for any workplace injury caused by carrying or manoeuvring heavy and awkward items. You are not personally liable for any damages resulting in an injury caused during your move. Without insurance, you can be held personally liable if a friend or relative is hurt during your relocation. So safety first.

Avoid damage

Don’t put your furniture and household items at risk of damage. At Total Care Movers & Storage. We train our staff and employees in the most professional packing, loading and storage processes to ensure your furniture is protected at all stages of the move. TCM uses only the highest standard equipment with all our vehicles fitted with hydraulic tail-lifters, trollies, ramps, straps and equipment. We use specially designed cartons to make sure all of your treasures and personal items arrive safe and sound to your new home.

Save time

Stress less. There’s a reason why moving house is listed as one of the most stressful times of your life. Time is money. Time away from your work. Total Care Movers ensures that your moving experience is fast, efficient and friendly, making it a stress-free experience for you and your family. Using small vehicles can mean many trips and this takes up a lot of time. We are expert local removalists across the Adelaide metro area. If you want to move anywhere around Adelaide, we have an expert team and a fleet of removalist vehicles ready to help you. Whether you need to move across the city or one door down, we are here to help. Take advantage of our trained team and removalist trucks to make moving easy. We understand how important it is to avoid “down-time” from work, school and family. We do the job faster. Our custom-built trolleys, walk-boards, scaffolding, cartons and our professional staff ensure the removals process is carried out in the timeliest manner. Our removalists are trained to meet the Australian Furniture Removal standard which means they carry out each removal with maximum efficiency. Don’t let other removal companies waste your time and money. Let Total Care Movers carry the load.

Avoid the pain of packing!

The safety of your possessions starts from the packing process. Our team is trained to assess, pack, and unpack efficiently and thoughtfully. Our packing and unpacking services will secure your valuables and free you a lot of time in organising, packing, and boxing. Whether you have complicated items or are simply short on time to pack, our team is here to help.

Avoid the pain of injury!

Moving heavy furniture is a skilled job that must follow correct manual handling practices. You are putting yourself and others you love at risk if you attempt to move these heavy items yourself. Large dining tables, large wardrobes, three seater lounges, awkward outdoor settings, heavy mattresses, double-door fridges and other large whitegoods require speciality equipment, care and expertise handling. Our removalists are trained in manual handling and heavy lifting and are experienced in managing any obstacles, including staircases, balconies and difficult house access.

Piano and Large Furniture Removalists

Do you have large furniture pieces like king-sized bedframes, standalone cabinets, a jumbo double door fridge or a grand piano? No problem! We have a capable team with a clean and modern fleet, perfect for removals of any size. We are able to transport objects of almost any size securely and safely. Worry no more about how you will get your grand piano to your new home, simply contact Total Care Movers.

At Total Care Movers we can handle not only the move of you furniture from Point A to Point B, but we can also store your items for short term or long periods of time. You want to be sure that your belongings are safe, secure and aren’t being damaged by water, dust or pests. That is why we have developed a safe, secure storage solution that protects your valuables, giving you piece of mind. Plus, the solution is affordable too, making it the must-have storage solution for any Adelaide family.  Total Care Movers’ storage solutions is a no compromise, secure solution with no deposit, no extra fees and no lock in term. Complete with 24/7 security and reinforced steel containers, your belongings will be safe and secure with us.

Removalists Reliability

We have a reputation across Adelaide and throughout South Australia for our customer service, dedication and friendliness. Our positive reviews show that we are considered the most trustworthy removalist amongst our customers across Adelaide and South Australia. Each of our team members take on our mission of quality service, timely deliveries and high standards of safety and security to get your valuables to your new home in one piece. Creating a stress-free moving experience for your family is important to us, so you can leave it to us to complete your move door to door. All you need to worry about is where your furniture will go!