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Storage Checklist & Tips

October 9, 2020

At Total Care Movers & Storage, we understand that moving home can easily become a stressful experience. With so many moving parts, we appreciate that the details of your move do not always align – this is where storage is your friend! Packing your belongings away, potentially for several months is not something that is taken lightly. It is important to choose the right storage provider in Adelaide and ensure that you prepare for your storage properly.Based on our many years of collective experience at Total Care Movers & Storage, here are some of our suggestions to ensure that your storage process runs as smoothly as possible. Follow our guidelines to choosing a storage provider, packing your goods, and how to maximise your storage

storage containerspace.General Moving and Storage Tips

  • Create a Pre-Removal Inventory
    Create a list of all your belongings that do not fit in a box. The rule of thumb is, “if it fits in a box, put it in a box.” While listing your belongings, this is a great opportunity to declutter and dispose of any items that do not serve you anymore, or you no longer use. Take notes on the items that will be going into storage, or label with a coloured sticker, to ensure it is clear and easy to follow for move day. A definitive inventory of the items you are moving ensures that you can be accurately quoted, and your storage needs can be met.
  • Choose a Storage Provider & Storage Type

Once you have an idea of the volume of furniture you have, you can outline your storage needs to your chosen storage provider. When choosing a storage provider here are some things to look out for;

  • Ensure that they have the facilities to store all of your goods.
    • Do you have any special requirements for any of your belongings? Let your storage provider know to ensure they can service them for you.
    • Ensure that they have 24/7 security or surveillance to monitor your storage unit.
    • Types of Storage

Once you know how much you need to be stored, you will need to decide what type of storage you would like. There are two main types of general/household storage, being self-storage and containerised storage. At Total Care Movers & Storage Adelaide, we offer containerised storage for several reasons. We believe that containerised storage is more cost effective, as the customer does not pay for the furniture to be moved from the truck into the unit, and back into the truck for your eventual delivery.

  • Source Quotes
    Get multiple storage quotes and ensure that the storage provider is either a professional removalist, or a long-standing storage facility. It is not uncommon for smaller providers to use third parties for their storage options. Seek multiple quotes to ensure you can choose the most appropriate storage provider.
  • Compare Similar Quotes
    It is a good idea to compare similar companies and services. For example, do not compare quotes from a low-end company with a quote from a high-end one, as they may not offer the same services, therefore their prices will not be comparable.
  • Enquire about Additional Extras
    Enquire with your chosen storage provider about any additional services they can offer for you free of charge. For example, at Total Care Movers & Storage, our removal/storage containers are fitted with padded blankets for bulky items and plastic for mattresses and lounges.
  •  Make a Booking
    Once you have done your research and you feel as though you have found the most suitable storage provider for your needs, you should make a booking. Bookings for storage are made based on the volume of furniture you have, which is calculated from an inventory done by yourself, or one of our sales team during a free in-house survey.
  • Book a Removalist
    If you are moving to a new house as well as moving your belongings into storage, you will be requiring a removalist to transport your furniture. If your chosen storage provider is not also a removalist company, then you would need to source external quotes. At Total Care Movers & Storage, we provide uplift and delivery prices in the storage quote.

Moving into Storage Checklist: Storage Packing Tips

  • Confirm What can be Stored
    Have a conversation with someone at your chosen storage provider and enquire about any items that are restricted from storage. Some items such as food (fresh or non-perishable,) flammable and toxic materials, etc. Once you have enquired about this, remove any items that are not suitable to be stored.
  • Storage Packing Tips
    Items that are being stored for a long period of time will need to be packed differently to a removal. If you have any items that are susceptible to the elements, such as photographs and books, it is good to double wrap them with furniture blankets. Further to this, it is suggested that you treat leather and wooden furniture for long-term storage to prevent mould, mildew, and damage from humidity.
  • Prepare your Whitegoods
    When moving into storage or moving house, it is important to prepare your whitegoods appropriately. Prior to the day of the booking, we suggest that you disconnect, defrost, and thoroughly clean them out. Once inside the storage unit or container, it can be beneficial to leave the doors open slightly to prevent rubber seals from weakening, and smells from accumulating.
  • Prepare Electronics
    When going into storage, it is preferred that your electronic goods are returned to their original packaging. If this is not possible, use a removal carton with quality packing materials.
  • Use Protective Wrap
    Removal plastic wrap and/or industrial wrap for all of your big and bulky items. This protects them from dust and pests during long-term storage.
  • Keep Hanging Clothes Wrinkle Free
    At Total Care Movers & Storage, we offer a carton specially made for your hanging clothes – the port-a-robe. Use these to hang your clothes without wrinkles and utilise the space in the bottom for any shoes that require more room.
  • Remove Batteries
    Especially for long-term storage, it is crucial to remove batteries from anything such as children’s toys and TV remotes. Doing so prevents the batteries from leaking and damaging your battery-operated goods.
  • Check Garden Tools
    Any power tools and garden tools will need to be drained from oil and fuel for long-term storage.

Here are some of our tips for choosing a storage provider and preparing your furniture to be stored. If you are thinking of storing your goods, but you are concerned about the long-term safety of your belongings, enquire with Total Care Movers & Storage for a storage quote. With all of the appropriate facilities and protective material needed to safely store, we can take the stress of storage out of your hands.