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July 22, 2021

So you are starting to prepare to move properties. This is a process that we understand can be tedious, and many people tend to dread the day that packing must begin. Maybe you don’t have much spare time to focus on packing, or are unsure how to keep your belongings safe. Maybe you simply don’t have access to tools and transport needed to carry out the move in process! Whatever your dilemma is, from packing to transporting your items safely, we, as professional furniture removalists can handle it.

Still need a bit of convincing before you are ready to commit to hiring a furniture removalist in Adelaide? Let’s go through some benefits you will have if you decide to hire us.

We are experts at what removalists do

We are expert local removalists in Adelaide, and thus have an expert team ready for you when you decide to book with us. Not only do we have experienced professionals that will get even the most mundane tasks done, but we also have a fleet of removalist vehicles able to safely, securely and efficiently transport your goods. Whether you are moving across the street or across the city, we are trained and ready to do what you need done. We have the reputation as Adelaide’s Most Trusted Local Removalist for many reasons, including our high-quality customer service and efficiency in carrying out tasks- whether big or small. If you choose to hire us as your furniture removalists, we guarantee that we are ready to go above and beyond to ensure that your moving process is as stress-free as possible.

Our removalists have purpose built equipment

When moving into a new property, it is easy to underestimate all the tools and equipment that will be needed, especially in regard to packing, often resulting in many trips to your local hardware store for all sorts of supplies. It is the same principle with physically moving your items; unless you have your own truck, finding a way to transport your goods safely and securely is a bit of a tedious task. When you hire a furniture removalist, you are getting the assurance that all of your furniture will have appropriate equipment and tools ready to move it. This can apply to many items, including but not limited to tricky items such as pianos, pool tables or spas.

Furthermore, if your building has limited driveway access and you’re worried about where we would park our truck, you don’t have to stress! We can easily work around this by transporting goods from your home to our truck by employing the use of a trailer or ute. No matter what style building you live in, or how limited access to your apartment is, we have safe and efficient ways to move your belongings. Some examples of ways we can work around unique situations include:

·      We use custom-made flatbeds to assist with and improve upon the access within apartment buildings

·      If required, we are able to use a hydraulic lift

·      We have cranes and scaffolding that can move large furniture items for buildings that have restricted stairway access.

Each of our trucks are fitted with padded furniture blankets that keep your furniture items protected from any potential damage, so you can rest easy knowing that your items will have a safe delivery.

We provide services that can give you the specialised attention you deserve

We provide numerous services to make sure that each unique moving situation is given the specialised attention it deserves. These services include storage, and packing. If you know that you do not have the time, space or patience for these tasks, we can accomplish these for you alongside moving your furniture.

In regard to storage, we offer you space to store your valuables between homes if needed, including the use of security 24/7 to protect your items. It is understandable to want to set your valuables aside throughout the moving process, to be able to guarantee their whereabouts and condition. We can ensure your valuables remain in the perfect condition you provided them in. There are also no hidden fees when you use us for storage, so you are able to know exactly what you are signing up for. To help alleviate some more stress from you during this busy time, a deposit is not necessary for our local storage service.

Packing can be tedious and time-consuming, and it makes sense to get overwhelmed when you have to go through this process. If you decide packing is just not something you want or have the time to do, we have you covered with our professional packing services. We are ready with the best packing materials and experts to ensure your belongings will be kept safe and secure throughout the moving process. Anything from cutlery to furniture, we have it covered for you. Packing can become an expensive task, especially when you realise just how many boxes you need, or rolls of bubble wrap for example. If you choose to employ us for our packing services, we will handle this completely and are consistently stocked with the appropriate tools to complete the job. By hiring us as your removalists, and deciding to take our help with packing, you are able to ensure that all of your belongings will arrive safely at your new home.

We take away your risk of injury

We do all the heavy lifting so that you do not have the risk of injuring yourself. As professionals in this field, we are specifically trained in proper care and handling of furniture, and if you choose to use our removalists services, you do not need to unnecessarily strain your body and risk getting hurt

We enable you to use your time the way you prefer

By booking a removalist, you allow yourself to save time and energy that can be used elsewhere; we do the tasks that you just don’t want to do, and we are happy and excited to do this for you in your moving process.

Ultimately, you should hire furniture removalists in Adelaide to save yourself time and energy, ensure your furniture is delivered with specialised care and equipment, and to take some stress out of your busy schedule throughout this exciting time.