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Our top 20 things to do before local moving

November 21, 2019

We know local moving can take its toll on you physically and emotionally. That’s why we strive to make your move as stress free as possible. Preparing for your move will make the whole process go much smoother. This is why we have put together some checklists to get you on your way. Planning and getting organised with Total Care Movers as your trusted removalists is key to protecting your mental health, your possessions and saving you time, reducing your time off work and saving you money.

Things to do well ahead of time

  1. Carefully dispose of all flammable goods and prohibited items lawfully
  2. Consider your car transport requirements
  3. Consider safe options for the care of your pets and children during your move
  4. If you are doing all or part of your packing, obtain cartons from our office and allow plenty of time for this task
  5. Disassemble outdoor items such as swings and cubby houses and place all bolts and screws in a clearly marked bag
  6. Begin the disassembly of all prefabricated furniture ready for transport

Tasks to perform one week before your move

  1. Confirm with your agent the date and time to collect the keys for your new premises. Consider your car transport requirements
  2. Book and confirm all accommodation and travel arrangements
  3. Drain fuel-driven appliances such as lawn movers and whipper snippers
  4. Make sure any gas cylinders have been emptied and certified by an authorised gas cylinder test station.
  5. Update your contact details with the following organisations: Post Office – for mail redirection, Phone, Internet and Cable TV provider, Electricity, Gas and Water Provider, Your Financial Institutions, Australian Tax Office, Electoral Authority, Insurance Companies, Motor Registration Authority, Health Insurance Fund, Superannuation Fund, Doctor, Dentist, Library, Schools.

Tasks to perform the day before your local moving

  1. Ensure all cartons are packed, sealed and clearly labelled ready for collection.
  2. Complete the disassembly of all prefabricated furniture ready for transport.
  3. Keep all valuable jewellery, passwords, important documents, medical records, money, tickets etc with you so you can access them easily.
  4. Pack items separately that you will need straight away, including a box of toys for the kids and coffee machine for the parents!
  5. If paying for the removal yourself, please ensure payment is confirmed prior to moving day.
  6. Remove all waste from your kitchen – bins, pantry etc.
  7. Empty, defrost and towel dry your fridge and freezer.
  8. Prepare electrical goods for transportation as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  9. Take photos of the rear of your TV and entertainment systems for easy reconnection. Disconnect stereo system and computer equipment. Tape all wires and leads together.