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Moving office in Adelaide? Here’s a professional tips by removalists.

May 20, 2021

If you are considering moving to a new office you are either outgrowing your current space and desire to have more room for your growing business or you are simply looking for a change of pace and a fresh location. Either way removalists Adelaide company Total Care Movers want to help you and your business move quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce any downtime for your company.

Office relocation can be a very stressful time, it seems to be an endless stream of boxers, paper work, furniture and computers. Bits and pieces can get lost and it ends up being a nightmare.

Here we have put together a few tips that can assist you through the process of your office relocation.


Planning your office relocation may seem like such a simple process but it is such a crucial step and you definitely do not want to overlook this stage. The more organised you can be with the move the better. Start planning your move about a month or so before the office relocation date, map out everything in the office and categorise it all into different sections, such as furniture, kitchen, paperwork etc. This way when it comes to packing everything into boxes you know exactly what you need to pack and what can just go into the removalists company truck.

During the preparation time you should delegate certain tasks to employees. Give each a specific role so they know what they need to keep track of and take responsibility for. Doing this means you won’t have people standing around waiting for something to do or simply getting in the way slowly down the whole process. Each employee can be delegated the task of cleaning up and packing their own desk and supplies. This won’t just make it quicker when packing up their desk but also speed up the unpacking process since they know exactly how they like their desk set up and where everything was placed prior to the office relocation, also allowing them to help with other items that need to be unpacked.

  • Measure everything!!

During your planning process it is always a good idea to go through all of your furniture and measure the bulky items like tables and desks. It is very helpful to know exactly the size of all the items you are moving so when you hire your removalist company you can inform them of the size of the items being moved and the quantity.

Another way to speed up your moving process is to have the new office location mapped out and measured and a plan of where you will like each item, that way when your removalists company begins unpacking you know exactly where everything needs to go and reduces that amount of times an item is being handled.

  • Choosing the right removalist company 

You have picked your moving date, you have your new office space selected and you are now at the stage where you need to choose a removalist company for relocating your office. This is where you need to be very selective of the removalist company you choose. You need to know what kind of service you are looking for, is it an all in one service that will pack and unpack for you or do you simply need someone to move your items from the old office to the new office location? Do you have specific items that can only be handled in a particular way and need to be handled with care? All these specifics need to be looked at prior to selecting your removalists company.

You should always hire a removalist company that has high ratings, great customer reviews, experience and the expertise. Your office relocation is not simple and you need to have the right removalists company that cares for your belongings.

Now you have your plan, you have measured everything and you know which removalists company you are wanting to work with, you can now begin the move!  Last tip is to keep on track of everything that is being moved. Items can get lost in the hustle and bustle of moving so take your time and do it right. Get in contact with Total Care Movers to begin the process of your office relocation.