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Removalists - How do I prepare my items for?

March 7, 2022

Depending on your financial or time commitments, you have the option for your items to be packed by our removalists or by yourself. If you decide to pack your own items, our friendly team can provide information to ensure you’re correctly wrapping and packing. Our staff can be readily contacted via email, verbally over the phone, and videos can be provided upon request on correct packing techniques and tips and tricks. Additionally, we can provide essential items such as packing paper, heavy duty plastic covers that are used on mattresses and fabric furniture such as couches and cushions etc, sticky tape and various sized cardboard cartons. Things that you can do prior to your relocation to prepare items for removalists includes:

Organise and declutter

Whether you’re packing your own items or not, take the chance to sort and declutter everything in your home, particularly stuff you hardly use. This could mean selling, giving things away, passing down items to family or donating to your local opportunity shop. You might need to replace old furniture or make repairs on existing items. You may have rubbish or furniture to dump. Organising and decluttering will help make the pickup of your items easier for yourself and the removalists if you know exactly where things are and need to go, essentially saving you time and money. Furthermore, this will also help you to identify items that are breakable or need special care when packing or moving, for e.g., artwork, ornaments, certificates and other important documents, a piano or other antiques. Are all your items going to the same location? Is anything going into storage? These are some things to consider or discuss with our team before the big day that will help to prepare your items.

Lessen food quantity

Try and use up both perishable and non-perishable food in your pantry, fridge or freezer in the weeks prior to your move, to lessen the quantity of food and to eliminate any wastage.

Dedicate a ‘priority’ box with special items

Essential items that you may be needing straight away or within the first night should be dedicated to a ‘priority’ carton to maintain organisation. Have a think about which items you might place in there on the day of your move. This may include items such as remotes, chargers, glasses, medication etc. This avoids any confusion to the whereabouts of items and unnecessary sifting throughout cartons, which creates mess and stress.

Measure necessary items

If necessary, larger items might need to be measured, particularly those that are being dismantled for delivery. For example, children’s play equipment may not fit outside or in certain rooms. Your fridge may need to be measured to ensure it fits in the capacity upon arrival.

Dismantle any necessary furniture

Dismantling furniture generally means the bigger items, things such as bed frames, cots, trampolines, swing sets etc. Don’t lose any screws by placing them into a sandwich bag or somewhere that you won’t forget. Be sure to remove any artwork or frames from walls.

Remove anything that poses as a risk

Removing items such as mats or rugs that might interfere or slipped on by you or the removalist. There are several dangerous items that may not be deemed safe for transport or must be moved or discarded safely by yourself. This may include removing any flammables such as fuel, batteries, gas bottles and fire extinguishers to prevent any potential hazard. Ensure you detach gas cylinders from any barbeques or patio heaters.

Empty and defrost your fridge or freezer

Make sure you organise to have a cooler and ice bricks for the day of the move for fridge items. You can wash all the racks and drawers in advance so that they are clean for packing. Immediately or an hour prior to the removalist’s arrival, you will need to empty and defrost your fridge and freezer.

Drain the water out of any necessary appliances

You will need to drain excess water out of hoses from appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine to avoid moisture and mold build up.

Unplug cords and hoses

You will need to unplug any cords such as television, computer, gaming, internet etc., and secure them in a safe place. This will ensure things are kept organised and aren’t getting damaged or frayed.

Don’t forget to label your cardboard cartons

Once packed, you will need to label your cartons according to room and a breakdown of items inside. This gives both the removalists and yourself peace of mind regarding the location of essential items and correct placing of cartons.

Placement of cartons

Once you have finished packing your items, you can further prepare by stacking and placing cartons in dedicated areas whilst ensuring hall and doorways are not obstructed, allowing easy access.

Overall, there are several things that you can do prior to the day of your relocation, to prepare items for removalists. Don’t stress, our team at Total Care Movers are here to help out, to make things a breeze.