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Expert tips on how to find the best removalist Adelaide for you

January 11, 2021

New year, new home, new rental, whatever your moving plans are for the year ensure you reach out to a local removalist Adelaide. Moving house is a very exciting time, although it is also a time-consuming process, it is a very difficult task to move everything you own over to your new home. This is where professional removalists in Adelaide come in to help you out.

removalists Adelaide

They are there to help you lift those heavy objects, move the bulky couches and endless trips of boxes to the back of the removalist truck. This all sounds wonderful but how do you find the best removalists adelaide? Who has the best service? Here are some tips to help you find your perfect removalist Adelaide.


Talk to people around you, reachout to those who have recently moved. Ask them about the process and what they think they could have done better. Doing this will allow you to find out some first hand information on local removalists in Adelaide, which you may not ever find on the internet. Word of mouth has always been a strong contender in marketing so never overlook someone’s personal review. Reach out to your friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

Testimonials and online reviews

One of the most obvious places to look for reviews would be the removalists website that you are looking at hiring, make sure you outsource those reviews, look on Google and other review sites. By reading the testimonial site you can get in-depth knowledge on how the removalist company works with their clients.

Experience factor

Experience is one of the most important factors in a removalist adelaide. This is something that should not be overlooked and not taken lightly. You want your belongings to be transported safely and with the utmost care. Ideally you want to have a removalist Adelaide company that has a minimum of ten years experience, this allows for you to work with a group of professionals that know how to do their job efficiently and are experienced with a wide range of items.

From large and heavy furniture to the fragile electronics and appliances, seasoned removalists ensure your items are looked after and a high standard of packaging is achieved. Unfortunately inexperienced professionals can make small mistakes which can in turn damage an appliance and take longer than it should to complete a move.

Policy and insurance

You may want to try and save money where you can but this can be a bad decision when it comes to moving house. Cheapest may not be best and the most expensive might leave your pockets dry and a bad experience. You need to do your research, get those quotes and estimations, any good and reliable removalist Adelaide company will be transparent with their quotes and charges.

Hourly rates are also risky for the fact if you do get an inexperienced professional it may take them a lot longer to complete the job resulting in you paying for more than was expected. Packages are always the best deal for you and professional seasoned removalists will adhere to the time limit that the package entails. Packages will also allow for the removalist company to calculate the distance of the trip, weight and what truck will be needed to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

Good removalists do not outsource their workers

Any good removalist Adelaide will not outsource their workers. They will always use their own in-house movers. This will mark any company you go through as reputable and trustworthy, meaning they have trained their staff and are fully responsible for their actions. Third party hired removalists can pose many issues when moving and it is best to avoid it where possible.

Plan ahead

Start searching for your removalist Adelaide sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be leaving the most pivotal part of moving until last.  Search early and make sure you go with a company you can trust with all your household belongings.

When looking for that perfect removalist company, make sure you consider all of the above factors and do not overlook any aspects you do not trust. Trust and transparency is key along with great communication and organisation when it comes to choosing your removalist in Adelaide for a hassle free move.