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Do I need to buy boxes or do my Removalists come with their own boxes?

May 4, 2022

sPack your own items or leave the hard work to us
Depending on your financial or time commitments, you have the option for your items to be packed by our removalists at Total Care Movers (TCM), or by yourself. If you decide to pack your own items, our friendly team can provide information to ensure you’re correctly wrapping and packing. Our removalists can be readily contacted via email, verbally over the phone, and videos can be provided upon request on techniques and tips and tricks. For example, this may include advise on ensuring boxes are properly sealable, placing heavy items first, labelling your cartons according to room and a breakdown of items inside and the placement of filled cartons in dedicated areas ready for the removalists.


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Appropriate use of different size cartons

There are different packing boxes depending on the type of item. Ensure that you inquire with our staff if you’re packing your items yourself and needing information about knowing the right kind of box for particular items. Our removalists ensure that your personal belongings are correctly packed into the appropriate size carton to ensure maximum care is given. Some types of cartons include:

  • Standard cartons – good for bulky and lighter items, small appliances,
  • Small cartons – handy for books, paper, records, CDs, DVDs, and wine and other alcoholic bottles
  • TV/plasma cartons – these come in different sizes to suit all televisions.
  • Porta-robes –used to store hanging clothing, for e.g., dresses, suits etc.
  • Priority cartons –a ‘priority’ box is dedicated with special and essential items that you may be needing straight away or within the first night after your move. For example, items such as beds parts, tv cords, chargers, glasses, medication etc. This is recommended to avoid any confusion to the whereabouts of items and unnecessary sifting throughout cartons, which creates mess and stress.

Heavy-duty plastic covers and removalist blankets are used to protect other larger items including mattresses and fabric furniture such as couches and cushions etc that cannot be placed into boxes.

Where do I get my boxes from during removalists?

You’re welcome to use your own boxes, however, you may want to reassess going to your local supermarket to collect old secondhand boxes, as this might pose a safety risk to your belongings. Although tempting, its wise and worth it in the long run, to get your hands on good quality cardboard cartons. Keep in mind that not all cardboard cartons are made the same. They may not be able to handle the weight and breakdown, possibly as a result of only being single ply. When our removalists load your belongings into any of our vehicles, they use the platforms technique, which is a bit like Tetris with the placement of cartons in certain positions. If boxes are used of various sizes, this effectively takes longer, is more complicated, and essentially impacts the structure of the load.

Rest assured that our removalist boxes are thick, and durable to last throughout several relocations. Cardboard cartons can be purchased brand new. If budget is tight, there is the option for secondhand loan cartons, that are dropped off and given prior to the move and recollected by our friendly removalists once your relocation is complete. They are designed to be re used repeatedly. This can impact your overall costs significantly. Otherwise, have a look on platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for reasonably cheap but good quality cardboard cartons.

At TCM, our removalists also offer plastic crates for local moves that can be utilised instead of cardboard cartons. These are ideal throughout the wet season to ensure that your items remain waterproof and avoids sagging of boxes. Additionally, talk to our friendly team to arrange custom- made crates for specialised items if needed.

How many boxes will I need?

Once you have received a free, no-obligation quote from our sales team either in person or via zoom or facetime, they will advise you of your overall cubic meterage, including the approximate number and type of boxes you will require depending on how big your relocation is.

At Total Care Movers, depending on your situation, you have the option to use your own cardboard cartons, loan out our secondhand cartons, we can also supply brand-new cartons, plastic crates, and custom-made crates for specialised items at request. Although, it is recommended that its worth paying for professional removalist boxes to ensure optimum protection and care of your items is given.