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Can removalists take a freezer with contents?

January 31, 2022

When it comes to removals, you may have questions regarding what items you can and can’t take along. There are several items that may not be suitable for transport. You may be wondering about the transportation regarding the contents of your freezer. Transporting your freezer and its contents can in fact be done! Our team at Total Care Movers will be present to assist and answer any questions that may arise throughout your move. There are several tips and tricks to prepare and plan, before the big day suddenly arrives to ensure food will not spoil or defrost. Below is a guide from our professional removalists.

The processes removalists follow when removing your items

Generally, fridge and freezer items will be packed last, indicating that it will be unpacked first whilst unloading at your delivery location. This means that you can unplug the freezer just before the end of the move so there is minimal time that the appliance is turned off. Just like in the case of a blackout, food will be kept frozen for several hours as freezers are well insulated.

If the seals on your freezer are in good working condition and have not worn down, our removalists are able to take it along with its contents on a local move. If they are damaged, advise our friendly staff so that they can take further steps to ensure whilst transporting.

Only take what’s necessary! Plan and dedicate frozen food for meals leading up to your move to save room and avoid restocking beforehand to lessen the load and make transportation a breeze. Make sure to check and discard of any items that may be out of date. Keep neighbours and friends in mind if you need to get rid of anything to make room, rather than throwing away and it going to waste. Otherwise, donations to your local charity or food bank will go towards a good cause and will be forever grateful.

Making an inventory list of all the items in your fridge and freezer will aid to differentiate between perishable and non-perishable items and give you a clear idea of what you have and what you’re going to do with everything.

Be sure to remove any items that may be breakable, including parts of the appliance such as glass shelving, trays, drawers etc. These will be wrapped and packed separately.

Pack your frozen goods in an upright position with layers and seal anything in a container or freezer bag to avoid any unwanted spills and leaks. Packing paper or newspaper can be placed on the bottom of the esky prior to catch any leaks if they do occur. Ask our team and we can provide this for you.

You may not have many freezer items or decide that you would rather empty the freezers contents. There is also the option of storing items in an esky amongst icepacks or ice cubes. Be sure to consider correct food handling and regulations, particularly for meat and seafood. This will prevent contamination and defrosting of items. According to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, potentially hazardous foods must be at 5°C or colder whist transporting.

Things to do below moving your fridge

Take advantage of the opportunity to give your freezer a thorough clean whilst its empty. If it’s not being turned back on for some time, be sure to leave the door slightly open to avoid any mould or odour build up. If you can, try to ensure that the freezer is turned off and defrosted for 24 hours before the move, especially if travelling further distances such as interstate. Don’t forget to detach and empty any water hoses or other areas such as ice compartments. This will guarantee that the interior of the appliance is completely dry and will remain fresh.

It doesn’t matter if the freezer it packed with or without its contents, it will need to stand upright, whilst switched off to allow the gas to settle. Depending on the age of the fridge or freezer, different times for standing, vary.  Recent models only require 30 minutes, whilst older models may require longer. Always check your appliances instructional manual on how to properly care for your model freezer.

Our team can move and reinstall your appliance whilst protecting it and the floor from dents and scratches by using heavy duty blankets and taking other cautious measures. It may sound like a difficult job but transporting your freezer and items can be done correctly. At Total Care Movers, our friendly staff can clear up any confusion and advise. Trust that we have the right information and devices to move your freezer items locally. Leave it in our hands! There is no reason to stress, our removalists will ensure your freezer and its contents won’t spoil or defrost during your move.