Do removalists dismantle furniture?

Disassembling necessary furniture ensures the correct loading of items into vehicles and separates the weight, making it lighter and more convenient to lift and carry. Our removalists at Total Care Movers can in fact dismantle and assemble any required furniture, particularly larger items, during your relocation which is included in our normal service. We do not, however, assemble flat pack or things that need to be put together. If you do require the addition service of putting together things such as flat packs, contact our staff to get in touch with our handyman. Below are some tips and techniques from our professional removalists, to simplify disassembling of furniture, and to ensure it is done safely to minimise damage to items.

White Head, yellow truck to remove furnitures.

Identify furniture that needs to be dismantled 

Each client may have different requirements of what items may or may not be dismantled. To get started think of larger items such as bed frames, cots, dressers, entertainment units, desks and other office furniture. Do not forget to consider any outdoor items such as garden sheds, barbeques and play equipment like swing sets and trampolines. If legs can be removed from dining tables, it best that they are removed to ensure ease of handling and a precision fit when loaded into the truck. Dining chairs, however, can stay assembled and stacked. Check with our staff if clothing can be kept in chest of drawers, as weight may interfere depending on the type of furniture. In most cases, filing cabinets can be left with documents inside. Factors such as access to the property, and in circumstances such as stairs being present, may affect what furniture may need to be dismantled. Only furniture considered to be in good condition, without any pre-existing damage should be disassembled. If you are unsure, please ask our staff who will be more than willing to assist. 

Refer to instruction manuals and owner guides for proper disassembly 

Instruction manuals and owner guides are handy when it comes to caring for your items and generally where warranty information can be located. If you cannot find a hard copy instruction manual for your items, try searching instruction manuals online where they are easily accessed, particularly for pieces that are difficult to disassemble or put back together. Having the appropriate knowledge surrounding dismantling items correctly minimizes the risk of damage to them as well as floors, walls and doors. Some items simply cannot be dismantled, and others may need special attention or the use of particular tools. If you are still having trouble accessing instruction manuals, try contacting the company or ask our team and we can help clarify things as best as we can. 

Gather the correct tools

Our removalists carry their own toolbox on every job. If you’re planning on dismantling furniture items yourself, ensure to gather the correct tools. Common tools include hex and allen keys, hammer, various sized screwdrivers or a drill. Use of correct tools can also be found in instruction manuals and owner guides. 

Measure any necessary items 

Measure any necessary items including furniture, hallways and passaged or door frames to avoid disassembling items that you do not need to. This will guarantee minimal damage to the floor, doors and walls, and ensures that all items will fit into your selected size truck. 

Secure bits and pieces 

Secure any little bits and pieces such as screws, bolts, pins, and nails, by placing them into a sandwich bag or somewhere that you will not forget. This will avoid you misplacing any, or them posing as a choking risk to children or animals in the home or office. Do not forget to clearly label any bags to ensure things run smoothly when reassembling items at the delivery locationFurthermore, a ‘priority’ box is dedicated with essential items that you may be needing straight away or within the first night after your move. It is recommended that bags of bits and pieces are placed inside the priority carton, to avoid any confusion to the whereabouts of items and unnecessary sifting throughout cartons. Bed slats can be secured with packaging tape to avoid movement and ease of handling. 

Dismantling furniture of larger items is generally required to distribute the weight of your items evenly. You might save a bit of money dismantling items yourself. By hiring our professional removalists to do it for you, your items will be moved correctly and effectively, minimizing any risk or damage to your cherished belongings. No need to go searching in your shed, we provide all the correct tools to get the job done. Save yourself time and energy, by booking your relocation with professional and experienced removalists at Total Care Movers. Speak to our staff to clear up any confusion that you may have about what items you can and cannot dismantle. 

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