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Benefits of Using a Professional Removalist for your Relocation

November 6, 2020

If you are moving, you will need to decide how you would like to have your belongings moved. Whether you ask your friends and family to help you, or you book a removalist. There are certain things that we leave to the professionals, such as car servicing or trade work – and moving home is no different. You may want to save your money during your move, but there are undeniable benefits of hiring a professional removalist. From the team at Total Care Movers & Storage, here are a few reasons why you should consider a professional removalists.

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Removalists Packing

Often when moving, people’s first concern is about how to transport the large and bulkier items. Our rule of thumb at Total Care Movers & Storage is “if it fits in a box, put it in a box,” meaning the majority of your things will be packed into boxes. Without experience, packing can become an expensive task with potential damages, especially in trouble areas like the kitchen and china cabinets, and items such as electronics. Removalists often do more than removing your furniture and can offer packing services as well. Having an experienced professional do your packing for you will ensure that all of your belongings will safely arrive at your new home.

Removalists Insurance

Moving your large and bulky items with little experience can easily take a turn for the worse. An obvious concern when moving these items is getting them to your destination in one piece, without any damage. At Total Care Movers & Storage, there are multiple insurance options available for your home removal, to give you peace of mind. When moving your own furniture, any damages that occur are not covered by insurance and could potentially cost you lots of money to replace. We recommend that you consider booking a removalist and insurance, to guarantee the safe arrival of your furniture to your new home.

Experience and Protection

One of the benefits of hiring a professional removalist is that you are not only paying for the removal of the furniture, you are also paying for the experience that they have. Once you have completed the packing into boxes in your entire home, you then have to transport and unload everything at your new residence again. When booking a removalist, you can ensure that the process is completed in an agreed upon timely manner – packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking!

Another great reason to make a booking with a professional is the use of protective materials for your furniture. At Total Care Movers & Storage, each of our trucks is fitted with padded furniture blankets for all of your bulkier items, and plastic wrap for your mattresses, lounges, and any large fabric items that require protection. Enquire and make a booking with a professional removalist to ensure that your furniture can be transported to your new home safely, with care and efficiency.

Take Care of Yourself 

Packing and lifting heavy furniture is nothing to take lightly. Without using correct postures and techniques, this kind of work can cause injury if not completed properly. It is recommended to “lift with your knees, not your back,” which without training is often done incorrectly. Save your back when you’re moving home and allow a professional removalist to do the heavy lifting for you – it is what they are there for.

Time & Money 

It may sound contradictory, but booking a removalist can actually save you money. Without experience, a removal can easily take a few days to complete, after you pack, transport, and unpack all of your goods. One of the benefits of hiring a professional removalist is that with the correct tools and equipment, your removal can be completed in less time. When comparing this to removing your own furniture, which could take a few days, you are potentially saving yourself time off work, and if you have little ones, the cost of childcare. By booking a professional removalist, you can save yourself time and money by completing the removal in less time.

There you go, 5 reasons why you should consider booking a professional removalist when moving. Hiring a professional will save your time and money, ensure the protection of your goods, and can save your back! Our experienced team here at Total Care Movers & Storage are here to help make sure your move runs as smoothly as possible, and are happy to help you in any way that we can. Gain peace of mind during your move, and relax whilst the professionals take care of you and your belongings.