How to take care of your cats while moving house

Moving to a new house may be a difficult process. Moving may be traumatic for pets, especially household animals like cats. You and your pet may experience stress in your new home. The reason is that cats dislike change, moving may be one of the most disruptive life adjustments for both people and pets. When it’s time to tidy up the house and relocate, you may take efforts to ease your cat’s transition. The idea is to keep them relaxed and at ease. Following that, we’ll go through six recommendations for relocating cats during moving your house. This procedure needs considerable planning and patience, but it is possible. Your cat will soon be settling into its new home.

Do you know your cat?

Some cats can be too difficult to control, making sure your cat is friendly and cooperative. Some people let their cats wander outside because they are just a little too rowdy to stay indoors, but they are still docile and bond with their owners. It would be worse if it was too wild to stay indoors. Because a cat that’s out of control and agitated can cause a lot of trouble on the move. Some cats can be very timid and sensitive, which means new environments and noisy transport environments can be lethal to them. Therefore, you should understand your cat’s personality and its reactions.

Health check & Microchip before moving

Vaccinate your cat at least once a year. Cat need to get a health check before shipment to make sure it doesn’t have any health issues. The resistance of a cat drops dramatically when it gets in a new environment. Minor infections can have major consequences. Cats are more inclined to flee while moving house. Make sure your cat has a microchip that can accurately track its position.

Get your cat used to the cat moving box

The cat will stay in the cat box while it is being transported. Cats love tight spaces, and a cage will make it easier for you to move around. If your cat is used to it, that’s a bonus. If not, don’t worry. Put your cat’s favourite toy or blanket in the carrier and encourage it to crawl in and make it feel like a safe space. But don’t force your cat into it.

Prepare cat space in your new house

You should prepare a room for your cat in the new home. This will help your pet settle in and feel safe. We recommend placing the cat’s bed, litter box, food, water and toys. To make the transition easier, it’s a good idea to keep some clothes in the room that smell like you. There is no need to disturb your cat frequently, as new cats can be very nervous and sensitive. Give it some time and it will get better! If you have movers in and out of the new house, let them know not to open the door or enter your cat’s room.

Comfort your cat in a new environment

When the cat settles into a new home, food and petting are the best ways to make the cat feel at ease. This is to show your pet that you are dependable and present. Provide physical contact, but don’t force it. Show the cat its food, water, and litter.

Track your cat’s location

When you first let your cat outside your new house, it hasn’t been out for weeks, so be careful not to let it run too far. When moving an outdoor cat to a new home, take your cat outside and bring it around the new backyard. When it looks like it might have gone too far, put the cat back inside. You must take effective measures to know where your cat is in the new environment.

You shouldn’t be in a hurry. All cats are different, and while one may settle into a new home quickly, the other will take more time. Don’t rush this process. Even if two weeks have passed and your cat isn’t acclimated to the new house, you shouldn’t force him to do anything it is not ready for.

If you need the perfect plan for moving house, please contact us now.

Do I need to buy boxes or do my Removalists come with their own boxes?

sPack your own items or leave the hard work to us
Depending on your financial or time commitments, you have the option for your items to be packed by our removalists at Total Care Movers (TCM), or by yourself. If you decide to pack your own items, our friendly team can provide information to ensure you’re correctly wrapping and packing. Our removalists can be readily contacted via email, verbally over the phone, and videos can be provided upon request on techniques and tips and tricks. For example, this may include advise on ensuring boxes are properly sealable, placing heavy items first, labelling your cartons according to room and a breakdown of items inside and the placement of filled cartons in dedicated areas ready for the removalists.


Removalists Adelaide

Appropriate use of different size cartons

There are different packing boxes depending on the type of item. Ensure that you inquire with our staff if you’re packing your items yourself and needing information about knowing the right kind of box for particular items. Our removalists ensure that your personal belongings are correctly packed into the appropriate size carton to ensure maximum care is given. Some types of cartons include:

Heavy-duty plastic covers and removalist blankets are used to protect other larger items including mattresses and fabric furniture such as couches and cushions etc that cannot be placed into boxes.

Where do I get my boxes from during removalists?

You’re welcome to use your own boxes, however, you may want to reassess going to your local supermarket to collect old secondhand boxes, as this might pose a safety risk to your belongings. Although tempting, its wise and worth it in the long run, to get your hands on good quality cardboard cartons. Keep in mind that not all cardboard cartons are made the same. They may not be able to handle the weight and breakdown, possibly as a result of only being single ply. When our removalists load your belongings into any of our vehicles, they use the platforms technique, which is a bit like Tetris with the placement of cartons in certain positions. If boxes are used of various sizes, this effectively takes longer, is more complicated, and essentially impacts the structure of the load.

Rest assured that our removalist boxes are thick, and durable to last throughout several relocations. Cardboard cartons can be purchased brand new. If budget is tight, there is the option for secondhand loan cartons, that are dropped off and given prior to the move and recollected by our friendly removalists once your relocation is complete. They are designed to be re used repeatedly. This can impact your overall costs significantly. Otherwise, have a look on platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for reasonably cheap but good quality cardboard cartons.

At TCM, our removalists also offer plastic crates for local moves that can be utilised instead of cardboard cartons. These are ideal throughout the wet season to ensure that your items remain waterproof and avoids sagging of boxes. Additionally, talk to our friendly team to arrange custom- made crates for specialised items if needed.

How many boxes will I need?

Once you have received a free, no-obligation quote from our sales team either in person or via zoom or facetime, they will advise you of your overall cubic meterage, including the approximate number and type of boxes you will require depending on how big your relocation is.

At Total Care Movers, depending on your situation, you have the option to use your own cardboard cartons, loan out our secondhand cartons, we can also supply brand-new cartons, plastic crates, and custom-made crates for specialised items at request. Although, it is recommended that its worth paying for professional removalist boxes to ensure optimum protection and care of your items is given.

4 Simple Tips On Hiring The Best Removalists In Adelaide

There is a dilemma when someone is deciding to move house and people ask themselves, should I do it myself, or should I hire professional removalists? Relocation is a complex process. This involves packing your belongings and transferring utility services to finding storage facilities.

No-one wants to go through the frustrations and stress involved in the moving process. As a result, people lean towards removalists in Adelaide so that the job runs smoothly.

It is important to keep in mind that the right removalists can mean the difference between a stress-free move and a disaster. Therefore, you should make sure to follow the right methods. Take time to do proper research, and take your time before deciding on a company.

Let’s move on to some handy tips that can benefit you in finding the best movers in Adelaide!

1. Acquire references.

Getting references is one of the best tips for hiring the best removalists in Adelaide. Check with friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbours, etc. In saying that, local companies are found using the reference method because they believe in keeping their prices reasonable whilst providing the best service.

You should try to determine the reason behind any references you receive. A good way to achieve this is by, discovering if company is known for its high-quality service. How about its price? Can the company provide customised solutions? Answering these questions will enable you to determine the most suitable moving company.

2. Read online removalists reviews.

A good way to figure out whether a company is dependable, experienced, and undervalued is by checking the reviews of past clients. This will give you some insight into their price policies, and sense of responsibility.

3. Research how much experience the removalists have.

Reliability is not something that can be earned overnight. It will take years of hard work and experience to attain the trust of the clientele. So, when you seek the next removalist company, we recommend discovering a well-established removalist that has plenty of experience.

Professionals develop specific skills through experience through packing heavy appliances or loading expensive furniture. To make sure your possessions are safe and that the moving out of home operation runs smoothly, hire a moving company with experience.

4. Research a website that has valuable information.

A good moving company makes sure its potential clients get all the information they require about the company and its services through a website they offer to them. This makes it easy for prospective clients to gather all the information they need.

Can removalists stop at multiple stops or locations?

Our removalists at Total Care Movers can make as many stops as you requireIt’s not uncommon and there are several reasons why a removalist might have to stop at multiple stops or locations. You may need to collect items from a relative or friends. Maybe you have items in storage that you want to pick up. Additionally, you might even be moving in with your partner for the first time. We can even stop to donate unwanted items such as furniture, clothes, or books. This can be done at an opportunity store or dispose of broken or unwanted items. The time it takes to pick up and deliver items at each relocation depends on factors such as:

Cubic Meterage

Our sales team appropriately arranges a suitable sized truck for your relocation. We will be basing this on a cubic meterage of your items. This will be done through a free, no obligation quote. We have various size vehicles and combinations that may be suitable for your move. These range from small to large trucks, all equipped with different features. These include, tail gates, ramps and trolleys, depending on your needs. Depending on the current situation surrounding COVID-19 and isolation factors, there are a number of ways to contact.

We can do this by coming out to your home of office, or via zoom or facetime. Your quote will be based on an hourly rate, from the time that the workers leave the depot. This is either based at Pooraka or Dry Creek, until they arrive back at the depot. This is calculated by the estimate time it will take to get back from the delivery by using Google Maps based on traffic delays etc. Rates may vary, depending on peak and off-peak periods.

The Kind of Access

Is there a bus stop out the front, loading or no parking areas? Is there maybe an incline or decline on your property? Heavy vehicles on pavers are not recommended, meaning the truck needs to park elsewhere to prevent damage. These are all things to consider. This is what it takes to pick up and deliver items due to the kind of access on your property.

The Amount of crew dedicated to the removalists job

Typically, two men will be dedicated for everyday relocations, however, you may require an additional crew member for larger jobs. Despite paying a more expensive hourly rate, an additional crew member will be assigned. Therefore, the job will be done quicker effectively saving you time and money.

Organisation and Preparation for removalists

 You can choose to pack your own items in preparation or have your belongings packed by our professional removalists. Essentially, anything that you can do to prepare and organise will prevent excessive time and money spent. This may include:

The Weather

Despite the weather, our removalists at TCM will continue to work through the rain or heat unless you’re wanting to reschedule. In case of slight delays, prepare as things may take longer in extreme weather. There may be possible factors that will be put into place for the safety of both clients and our removalists. For example, surfaces or items may become slippery in the rain. Additional plastic wrap or other coverings for items may be required. An alternative route for moving items with trolleys, may need to be dedicated due to mud etc. Particular attention may need to be given to cherished or vulnerable items to ensure they’re well protected from mother nature. Our team will do our best to accommodate in extreme weather. Specifically, we will be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Dissembling or Assembling of Items

You can dissemble bigger items such as bed frames, cots, trampolines, swing sets etc, in preparation or have our removalists do it for you.  Furthermore, any artwork and photo frames can be removed from walls and placed together.

At Total Care Movers, we understand that each client and their relocation may require different needs. Whatever your requirements may be, trust that our staff at TCM will work around you in the most convenient way possible, for as many stops or locations you need to make along the way. Any help given from you or your family members prior to or on the day of the move will essentially save costs and make a quicker turn around at each of the locations for our removalists. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff who are dedicated to assist in relocating at multiple stops in a timely manner whilst meeting budget requests.

Why should I use Adelaide removalists for my interstate moving?

Moving interstate may involve quite a lot of decision making and planning. This is considering each state and territory in Australia differs slightly regarding laws and regulations, licenses, employment etc. Furthermore, education, restricted items and living expenses such as food, housing, electricity etc. Although Adelaide removalists such as Total Care Movers can still operate and transport both locally and interstate, given the rapidly changing environment surrounding the current pandemic, there may be varying restrictions, quarantine, and requirements in place. You can follow up the latest official news and updates regarding COVID-19 on the Australian Government website. Despite the current pandemic, results from The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that interstate migration is consistent and overall similar with results from 10 years ago.

Why should you use removalists such as Total Care Movers for your next interstate moving?

TCM is the leading and most trusted removalist branch in South Australia, moving Adelaide families since 2006, giving numerous explanations to use us for your interstate moving. We offer affordable prices and full insurance measures to cater for both local and interstate relocations for home and office. This includes Government and Defence Force contracts. Additionally, we are members of the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA), an official body that assists in the regulation surrounding the removals industry. AFRA accredits ‘only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and the staff training needed to complete a professional move’. Keep in mind that removalists that are searched on all platforms such as gumtree and google, may not be accreditable. Be sure to do research beforehand to ensure you appoint a professional and trusted removalist. There is no need to be paying more than needed or risk damage to cherished belongings. Furthermore, TCM are team partners of Netball SA and proud supporters of the Adelaide Thunderbirds. Our positive reputation across the entire country over the past 16 years is shown through several reviews. Additionally our recommendations can be found on Google and on our website.

Transportation of your item’s interstate using removalists

For interstate moves, TCM prefers to transport your items from Adelaide by train, rather than road via a truck. We believe this is the safest form of transport to protect your items for such long periods. This is whilst travelling interstate from potential damage, either from the road surfaces, or a collision. It also a cheaper and more efficient way of transport. Our removalists will pickup your items straight into a shipping container. This is where the items will remain until your delivery destination. This means that multi handling of your items through transhipping is generally not required. We use government approved agents throughout all states and territories in Australia for interstate relocations.

Protection of your items

Our highly trained removalists are experts in heavy lifting with total care. You have the option to pack your items yourself. However, our team will go to all efforts to make certain that your belongings will be packed and delivered correctly. If you do decide to pack your own items, we can provide tips and ensure all your questions are answered. The use of heavy-duty blankets to wrap your cherished belongings, protects and prevents scratches, scuffs and dirt. They are perfect for bulky items and any belongings that that are not being placed into cartons. These are used for all our moves. This means that even our local relocations are packed and loaded securely as if they are travelling interstate. Additionally, we use other essential equipment and tools that help protect your items. This involves heavy duty plastic covers and the appropriate use of cartons.

Secure storage available

TCM offers both short- and long-term storage options with 24/7 security monitoring for peace of mind. You may not have a home ready when travelling interstate. You may want to move first then decide where your delivery location will be at a later date. Whatever your case may be, we can guarantee that we are able to safely hold these items on-premises. Once again, your items will remain in the same shipping container that was picked up for the entire period of storage, with locks.

Contact us now and get in touch with our sales team regarding a free no obligation and cost-effective quote with Australia wide availability. Our approach will ensure your relocation is stress free and satisfaction guaranteed. You can trust that your items will be moved professionally in a timely manner when you book any move through Total Care Movers for your next interstate move

The Removalists Industry winner - Total Care Mover

There are several reasons as to what makes Total Care Movers different to others in the removalists industry. Not only do we provide a premium service at affordable prices in a prompt and timely manner, but our highly trained employees will also make certain that all your needs are met whilst upholding the highest of standards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at TCM, we ensure that our clients have one hundred percent satisfaction with our relocation service, whilst following guidelines and standards as current members of The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). We also uphold full insurance measures to cater for any type of relocation for extra peace of mind. We also welcome feedback and recommendations both positive and negative, with open arms as we are always looking at ways to improve and set a higher standard, essentially making your relocation as smooth and easy as possible. Our current reviews on our website, google and social media indicates our dedication and reputation for South Australia’s leading removalist company. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss any enquiries that you may have, or simply for preparation or moving tips. We work around you, doing as little or as much as you like for your local, interstate or office relocation. Our professional staff always go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction needs are met.

Expert Specialist Employees

Our removalists are highly trained experts that uphold various licenses, certificates and checks who are able to offer support in education and advice surrounding your relocation, without taking short cuts or compromising. Protocol is followed with effective workplace measures that have been put into place to ensure a high standard of infection control and keeping up to date with the latest information regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, personal development is of high importance to us, committed with regular ongoing education, training, and staff meetings. We have a buddy system through our management team, to provide encouragement and feedback for our junior staff in a teamwork environment that enhances working relationships. Furthermore, we advocate mental health awareness in the workplace which we also consider to be of high importance. We believe that our commitment and dedication towards growth of our employees, helps to maintain expert and specialist standards at TCM.

Family based and orientated

The heart of our company is family based and orientated. We are very blessed that our team at TCM have been moving families with total care since 2006. As a family culture, we treat your items as if they are our own, with nothing but absolute care. Allow our family to move your family.

Reasonable Prices in Removalists Industry

Depending on your requirements for your relocation such as your total cubic meterage for items, location type and access at your relocation, prices may vary.  Guarantee that you will not pay any unnecessary costs including no hidden fees, whilst still being offering a full, premium, and professional service that is accredited unlike several other companies that may be found on various platforms such as gumtree and google etc. We have several services to cater for our client’s needs, such as our short- and long-term storage options. To determine prices or work out payment arrangements, get in touch to speak to our staff for a free, no obligation quote.

Correct Removalists tools and equipment

Guarantee that our team will have the correct tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively, making certain that protection of your items is a priority throughout transportation or storage. The appropriate use of packing materials such as heavy-duty blankets, plastic covers, and different sized cartons, are examples of ways that we protect your items, just to name a few. Our removalists carry their own tool kits, incase furniture needs to be assembled or disassembled. If you are needing moving boxes, get in touch as they can be provided at request. Depending on your relocation, we have different vehicles to suit varying requirements and trolleys such as our very own purpose-built spa slider and trolley system.

Overall, this is the total care difference. The removalists industry can be a congested and challenging marketplace when looking for a company to take charge of your relocation. Have that peace of mind and trust that our team at Total Care Movers are different from most other removal companies. Our dedicated service clearly distinguishes the difference between those that are just meeting acceptable standards and one that is of high quality like ours to save you not only time but also money and convenience.

Removalists - How do I prepare my items for?

Depending on your financial or time commitments, you have the option for your items to be packed by our removalists or by yourself. If you decide to pack your own items, our friendly team can provide information to ensure you’re correctly wrapping and packing. Our staff can be readily contacted via email, verbally over the phone, and videos can be provided upon request on correct packing techniques and tips and tricks. Additionally, we can provide essential items such as packing paper, heavy duty plastic covers that are used on mattresses and fabric furniture such as couches and cushions etc, sticky tape and various sized cardboard cartons. Things that you can do prior to your relocation to prepare items for removalists includes:

Organise and declutter

Whether you’re packing your own items or not, take the chance to sort and declutter everything in your home, particularly stuff you hardly use. This could mean selling, giving things away, passing down items to family or donating to your local opportunity shop. You might need to replace old furniture or make repairs on existing items. You may have rubbish or furniture to dump. Organising and decluttering will help make the pickup of your items easier for yourself and the removalists if you know exactly where things are and need to go, essentially saving you time and money. Furthermore, this will also help you to identify items that are breakable or need special care when packing or moving, for e.g., artwork, ornaments, certificates and other important documents, a piano or other antiques. Are all your items going to the same location? Is anything going into storage? These are some things to consider or discuss with our team before the big day that will help to prepare your items.

Lessen food quantity

Try and use up both perishable and non-perishable food in your pantry, fridge or freezer in the weeks prior to your move, to lessen the quantity of food and to eliminate any wastage.

Dedicate a ‘priority’ box with special items

Essential items that you may be needing straight away or within the first night should be dedicated to a ‘priority’ carton to maintain organisation. Have a think about which items you might place in there on the day of your move. This may include items such as remotes, chargers, glasses, medication etc. This avoids any confusion to the whereabouts of items and unnecessary sifting throughout cartons, which creates mess and stress.

Measure necessary items

If necessary, larger items might need to be measured, particularly those that are being dismantled for delivery. For example, children’s play equipment may not fit outside or in certain rooms. Your fridge may need to be measured to ensure it fits in the capacity upon arrival.

Dismantle any necessary furniture

Dismantling furniture generally means the bigger items, things such as bed frames, cots, trampolines, swing sets etc. Don’t lose any screws by placing them into a sandwich bag or somewhere that you won’t forget. Be sure to remove any artwork or frames from walls.

Remove anything that poses as a risk

Removing items such as mats or rugs that might interfere or slipped on by you or the removalist. There are several dangerous items that may not be deemed safe for transport or must be moved or discarded safely by yourself. This may include removing any flammables such as fuel, batteries, gas bottles and fire extinguishers to prevent any potential hazard. Ensure you detach gas cylinders from any barbeques or patio heaters.

Empty and defrost your fridge or freezer

Make sure you organise to have a cooler and ice bricks for the day of the move for fridge items. You can wash all the racks and drawers in advance so that they are clean for packing. Immediately or an hour prior to the removalist’s arrival, you will need to empty and defrost your fridge and freezer.

Drain the water out of any necessary appliances

You will need to drain excess water out of hoses from appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine to avoid moisture and mold build up.

Unplug cords and hoses

You will need to unplug any cords such as television, computer, gaming, internet etc., and secure them in a safe place. This will ensure things are kept organised and aren’t getting damaged or frayed.

Don’t forget to label your cardboard cartons

Once packed, you will need to label your cartons according to room and a breakdown of items inside. This gives both the removalists and yourself peace of mind regarding the location of essential items and correct placing of cartons.

Placement of cartons

Once you have finished packing your items, you can further prepare by stacking and placing cartons in dedicated areas whilst ensuring hall and doorways are not obstructed, allowing easy access.

Overall, there are several things that you can do prior to the day of your relocation, to prepare items for removalists. Don’t stress, our team at Total Care Movers are here to help out, to make things a breeze.

Can removalists take a freezer with contents?

When it comes to removals, you may have questions regarding what items you can and can’t take along. There are several items that may not be suitable for transport. You may be wondering about the transportation regarding the contents of your freezer. Transporting your freezer and its contents can in fact be done! Our team at Total Care Movers will be present to assist and answer any questions that may arise throughout your move. There are several tips and tricks to prepare and plan, before the big day suddenly arrives to ensure food will not spoil or defrost. Below is a guide from our professional removalists.

The processes removalists follow when removing your items

Generally, fridge and freezer items will be packed last, indicating that it will be unpacked first whilst unloading at your delivery location. This means that you can unplug the freezer just before the end of the move so there is minimal time that the appliance is turned off. Just like in the case of a blackout, food will be kept frozen for several hours as freezers are well insulated.

If the seals on your freezer are in good working condition and have not worn down, our removalists are able to take it along with its contents on a local move. If they are damaged, advise our friendly staff so that they can take further steps to ensure whilst transporting.

Only take what’s necessary! Plan and dedicate frozen food for meals leading up to your move to save room and avoid restocking beforehand to lessen the load and make transportation a breeze. Make sure to check and discard of any items that may be out of date. Keep neighbours and friends in mind if you need to get rid of anything to make room, rather than throwing away and it going to waste. Otherwise, donations to your local charity or food bank will go towards a good cause and will be forever grateful.

Making an inventory list of all the items in your fridge and freezer will aid to differentiate between perishable and non-perishable items and give you a clear idea of what you have and what you’re going to do with everything.

Be sure to remove any items that may be breakable, including parts of the appliance such as glass shelving, trays, drawers etc. These will be wrapped and packed separately.

Pack your frozen goods in an upright position with layers and seal anything in a container or freezer bag to avoid any unwanted spills and leaks. Packing paper or newspaper can be placed on the bottom of the esky prior to catch any leaks if they do occur. Ask our team and we can provide this for you.

You may not have many freezer items or decide that you would rather empty the freezers contents. There is also the option of storing items in an esky amongst icepacks or ice cubes. Be sure to consider correct food handling and regulations, particularly for meat and seafood. This will prevent contamination and defrosting of items. According to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, potentially hazardous foods must be at 5°C or colder whist transporting.

Things to do below moving your fridge

Take advantage of the opportunity to give your freezer a thorough clean whilst its empty. If it’s not being turned back on for some time, be sure to leave the door slightly open to avoid any mould or odour build up. If you can, try to ensure that the freezer is turned off and defrosted for 24 hours before the move, especially if travelling further distances such as interstate. Don’t forget to detach and empty any water hoses or other areas such as ice compartments. This will guarantee that the interior of the appliance is completely dry and will remain fresh.

It doesn’t matter if the freezer it packed with or without its contents, it will need to stand upright, whilst switched off to allow the gas to settle. Depending on the age of the fridge or freezer, different times for standing, vary.  Recent models only require 30 minutes, whilst older models may require longer. Always check your appliances instructional manual on how to properly care for your model freezer.

Our team can move and reinstall your appliance whilst protecting it and the floor from dents and scratches by using heavy duty blankets and taking other cautious measures. It may sound like a difficult job but transporting your freezer and items can be done correctly. At Total Care Movers, our friendly staff can clear up any confusion and advise. Trust that we have the right information and devices to move your freezer items locally. Leave it in our hands! There is no reason to stress, our removalists will ensure your freezer and its contents won’t spoil or defrost during your move.

Removalists - Big Challenges during covid19

With how rapidly COVID can move, we want to stress the importance about following all of the Australian Furniture Removals Associate guidelines that are received daily. All Total Care Mover employees will follow all precautions, e.g. wearing face masks, using hand sanitiser often. All the equipment Total Care Movers use are sanitised daily along with our trucks as per our requirements. COVID is able to be transmitted through the air and also personal belongings, so we all need to be careful and thorough when following the necessary guidelines. Below we will touch on some recommendations for a COVID-safe to removalists.

Advice for Stress-Free Removals During Covid-19

Be careful when hiring removalists

Due to the aggressive nature of this virus, we recommend you take as many precautions as possible. We suggest you wrap your belongings in plastic bags before placing into removal cartons. This may help with piece of mind for both you and our removalists.
Our operations team are dedicated to safety, each day checking temperatures and symptoms of our crew. They also have a quick questionnaire for all clients, before sending crews into an area that may be deemed “Hot”.

Survey of Removals

Here at TCM we encourage a pre-removal survey. Traditionally this entails one of our sales representatives attending the house to take inventory of goods intended for transport. It is here where we attempt to answer any questions you may have or offer advice on any specialised items you may need. A virtual survey can be arranged if you feel safer than an actual meeting. A meeting will be set via ZOOM to get a free, no obligation quote. You are able to contact us and ask about what steps they are implementing for a COVID safe removals’ process. Total Care Movers provide all necessary information regarding the process for moving.

Before Move

To keep yourself and our team safe you should clean and sanitise your household belongings before moving, this will also help you to disinfect yourself as well as your home.

Maintain 2 Meter Distance

Have you asked what social distancing measures your removalist makes? It’s important you know your removalist Covid-19 response and how they are implementing social distancing, this is to ensure both yourself and the employees are kept safe during moving homes in a pandemic

When the removalists approach, it is important to maintain at least a 2-meter distance so you will not affect by COVID19 from any person. Covid-19 can move from a hand and can cause a COVID19 infection. Total Care Movers are a South Australian removalist and are one you should choose as our COVID safe processes will allow you to have a stress-free moving experience.
There is a lot of competition out there but by selecting Total Care Movers you can avoid COVID19 as we are giving a COVID safe removalist process for the safety of our customers.
While moving keep your office or house doors and windows open to allow fresh air in.

What if I need to make changes to my move?

Do you have COVID19 symptoms? Are you booked in for removal but need to isolate?

If you answered yes to either of these questions it is best to get in touch with our team as soon as possible. If you have a removal scheduled, we will offer you the best possible outcome by following the guidelines of SA Health and the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA). It is likely that we will offer to reschedule for another date to keep both yourself and our team safe.
Simply contact us via phone or email and we will work out a solution that is suitable for you.

How to stay safe to you and removelists.

If you are showing any signs or symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID19 it is best, you let your removalist know at your earliest convenience to allow them to help as best as they can. Our team takes extra precautions to ensure we are able to keep our clients, community and staff safe.

Moving Interstate?

Furniture Removalist are deemed essential workers so you are still allowed to move interstate, but you will need to follow the rules and regulations as per each state in regard to COVID guidelines. Our interstate moves are containerised and loaded onto a train so there is no need for our team to cross the boarder travel
Our interstate agents will collect your goods at the appropriate rail head. They will also follow any directives as indicated by each individual state.

COVID19 Safeguards Guidelines for Removalists Companies

Each removal company should follow the governments guidelines regarding the virus. All employees should wear personal protective equipment to ensure the safety from all infection.

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Moving To Adelaide - What You Need To Know?

Being voted Australia’s most liveable city naturally attracts more people to the countries’ humble state, South Australia. At Total Care Movers & Storage, we appreciate that moving interstate is no small task. If you are thinking of buying or renting in Adelaide, we have put together a guide to moving to South Australia, to help you find everything you need to know in the same place.

About Moving to Adelaide

Home to around 1 million people, South Australia is a state in the southern central part of Australia, covering some of the most arid regions of the country. The state has a population of more than 1.77 million people, with around 80% of people living in the state’s capital Adelaide and the surrounding metropolitan areas. The Adelaide plains are the traditional lands of the Aboriginal Kuarna people.

City Life

The top 10 South Australian states by population are –

  1. Adelaide
  2. Gawler
  3. Mount Gambier
  4. Whyalla
  5. Murray Bridge
  6. Mount Barker
  7. Victor Harbour
  8. Crafers-Bridgewater
  9. Port Pirie
  10.  Port Lincoln

How to Get Around 


In the state’s capital city Adelaide, the average daily temperatures in Summer range from 29c to 17c and in the Winter can range from 15c to 7c. South Australia is considered the driest state in Australia, though is characterised by a “Mediterranean” climate due to the coastal location. If you are moving to South Australia, you can expect mild to cool, wet winters, and hot, dry summers.

Tourism Regions in Adelaide

The city of Adelaide, also known as ‘the city of churches’ is home to a number of heritage buildings, and is filled with many fun things to do. Some popular attractions in Adelaide include –

Fun Facts About Moving to Adelaide

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