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Are removalists essential workers?

July 6, 2022

What does it mean to be an essential worker?

You may have heard of the term ‘essential worker’ throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there is no single definition for the term, it can be described as workers from a variety of backgrounds that have an essential role in supporting communities, despite existing limits on businesses and restrictions on movement.

Is Total Care Movers considering an essential service?

For some time, the removalists industry has been considered an essential service, along with several other businesses. TCM fits under the category of transport, freight and logistics. Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA) is an official body that assists in the regulation surrounding the removals industry. There are several standards, and work health and safety laws that have been put into place by AFRA that removalists must adhere to. Currently, it is mandatory for removal workers who are close contacts, to isolate or quarantine. Although this may impact work, TCM have measures in place so that we can continue to service our clients surrounding the changing environment.

Will my removal service be altered?

There have been several changes since the pandemic began which can as a result be quite stressful with an already stressful task of relocating. You can be assured that there are no changes to the professional service given by TCM, guaranteeing your move as stress free as possible. We can still operate and transport both locally and interstate. Be sure to stay up to date and follow protocol for each state and territory regarding varying restrictions and requirements. The latest official news and updates can be found on the Australian Government website. The phone number dedicated for South Australia for information regarding COVID-19 is 1800 253 787.

What effective workplace measures does TCM have in place?

As you may know, COVID-19’s main method of transmission is via aerosols and respiratory droplets. However, commonly used surfaces also remain a risk if a person touches it and then makes contact with their face. This includes surfaces such as cartons, benches, trucks, touch screens, door handles etc. According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, studies indicate that at 20°C, the virus was identified as surviving at ’28 days from all the smooth (non-porous) surfaces’ such as ‘stainless steel, glass, vinyl, paper and polymer banknotes’. This shows just how important safe measures such as extensive cleaning of high traffic areas is to reduce the risk of transmission to keep clients safe. As told by the Government of South Australia, providing those businesses take effective measures to protect its workplace, they are able to return to work. At TCM, all our staff take safe measures in the workplace to ensure optimal infection control such as:
• appropriate physical distancing of 1.5 metres when possible
• encouraging office to staff to work from home when possible
• density limits monitor numbers of both workers and visitors in the office
• the appropriate use of personal protective equipment when required
• good hand hygiene
• extensive cleaning of the office, trucks and equipment
• meeting vaccination requirements
• support is offered to staff on health and wellbeing to maintain a healthy mind in the workplace
• ongoing education and training in relation to COVID-19 and self- monitoring of symptoms
• encouraging staff not to attend work when unwell or showing symptoms
• Rapid Antigen Tests are accessible to staff if needed

For further peace of mind, there are steps you can take as a client for extra precaution such as paying over the phone or by card not cash, ensuring there are no others or limited people in your household if possible on the day of the move, and you have the option to pack your own things to avoid multiple handling of items. Speak to our staff if you decide to pack your own things and need and need cartons that can be provided.
At Total Care Movers, we are doing our part in minimizing the risk so we can continue to assist in your relocation. With a continuously changing and evolving environment due to this pandemic, our team will advise of any future changes that may impact your move. If you have already booked, we ask that if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms, to please contact us and we can organise to reschedule your relocation at another convenient time. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us regarding any information on COVID-19 and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.