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8 Most Interesting Questions Removalists are Asked

September 11, 2020

Here at Total Care Movers, we have been moving South Australian families for many years – we understand the stress of moving more than you know! We appreciate that you want to ensure your belongings are well looked after. This means that we have had some strange house-moving requests…  So we thought why not put together a list of our favourites! After speaking to our removalists, here are our top 8 “wild and wonderful” questions.

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  • Can my fish tank be moved with the fish still inside?
    Your fish tank will need to be emptied before it can be moved. Firstly, this will make the tank MUCH easier to carry as it cuts down the weight. If you were to move your fish tank full, you are running the risk of the water spilling and damaging the remainder of your goods. Not only this, your fish friends may not survive the trip in the truck – it is better they travel with you. 
  • Do I need to empty the contents of my china cabinet or can it remain full?
    When your furniture is carried and transported in the truck, it is not guaranteed that your goods will remain upright the entire time. Things like drawers and cabinets will need to be emptied to ensure the contents are not damaged.
  • Can my cat be loaded if it is in a cage?
    When you hire a removalist, you are also paying for your furniture to be safely secured into the back of the truck. As experienced as our removalists are at doing so, it is still not safe to put any pets in the truck. Not only could your furniture fall onto and hurt your furry friend, the closed doors of the container make it quite hot and
    there is not enough fresh air inside, either.
  • Can you reconnect my power?
    As much as we would love to help you with your move along every step of the way, we are furniture removalists after all, not handymen. If you need your power reconnected, you will need to contact your power supplier or a handyman.
  • Can you still work if it is above 35 degrees?
    Living in Australia, we are not stranger to a really hot summer. Ironically, summertime is our busiest time of the year. This means that as much as we might want to stay in the air-conditioned office with our feet up all day, we still need to work! Although we do not love it, yes, we can still work if it is above 35 degrees.If you need to move during the summer months and the heat is something you are concerned about, here are a couple of things you may consider, taking the pressure off our removalists. If possible, leave your air conditioner on in the morning to keep the house temperature comfortable. Another thing you might be able to do is keep your water connected, or leave some bottled water in a cool place for the removalists, so they can stay hydrated.
  • Can you please remove your shoes before you come inside?
    This request is difficult for numerous reasons. Firstly, if we were to remove our shoes each time we entered the house, it would greatly increase the time taken to complete the job.Though unfortunately, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) responsibilities will not allow us to work without protective shoes on. Lifting and carrying heavy furniture can be a high-risk job, and not wearing shoes only increases the risk of injury. The short answer to this question is no, we cannot remove our shoes before we come inside.
  • Can you move my king bed without disassembly?
    When you pay for a professional removalist, you are also paying for them to load the truck. One thing that removalists are good at, is a good game of Tetris. If you plan on fitting your 3-bedroom home into a 20ft shipping container, we need to utilise as much room as we can inside the truck. We understand you may want to eliminate extra steps, but it is important that we disassemble your furniture, in order to pack it safely and efficiently.
  • Is that heavy?
    Lifting and carrying heavy furniture for a living can be quite a physically intensive job, yes! Good removalists are physically strong and know how to lift heavy or complicated items safely. In order to cope with the physical demands of the job, many removalists also lead active lifestyles, ensuring they play sport or visit the gym, in order to stay fit and strong.

So, there you have it! With many years of experience among our employees at Total Care Movers, we have compiled our favourite weird and wonderful questions that are directed at our sales and removals team. So, what questions do you have? Send them through, or give us a call, and we will do our best to answer… in the meantime, start draining that fish tank!